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So I have this Nintendo wii and it plays all my games great! Other than "Super smash brothers wii" I first thought it was the disk so I bought a new one from gamestop and it still didn't work. I returned that gamestop copy just because I thought it was possible it was also damaged but the replacement one they gave me still didn't work! So I don't know what to think. All other disk work on my wii other than "super smash brothers" I tried 4 copies it probably has to do with my wii right? Any tips on what it could be or how I can fix it other than buying a new wii?



I can only muster up that I think Smash Bros Brawl is a dual layered disc, so maybe the optical drive in your Wii is having trouble with the dual layered aspect for some reason.

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Yeah, it is the "dual layer" issue. (I had the same thing back in the day.) I don't know if you could get Nintendo to fix it for you nowadays, but you could always try.

The issue comes from the Wii's lens getting dirty making it harder to read the dual layer discs. (Not many Wii games used this format.) If you can find a Wii Lens cleaning kit, you can try that.


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