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My previous post got taken down because a mod thought I was begging. I’m not, I’m trying to find someone with Wii points and pay them for a download ticket for some games. This is the original text:

I got my Wii back up, but I’m well past the deadline for adding Wii Points, but I want to buy Super Mario 64 and Paper Mario 64. Each cost 1,000. There has to be someone out there with 2,000 or even 1,000 Wii points left, right? If you do, are you willing to gift one or both of the games to me? I will pay.

By gift I meant get a Download Ticket Code



Even if you're going to pay you're still creating multiple threads begging for people to gift/sell you a digital game.

I'm sorry but please don't create any more threads about this.

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