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I just downloaded Mario 64 and plugged my new CCP into my Wii's awful!

  • Too much dead zone in the middle of the analogues. The N64 and Gamecube sticks had almost zero (a lot less than a dual shock and xbox brick!). I cannot get Mario to tip toe! It's horrendous. I dread to think what playing Super Monkey Ball would be like! The controllers let that game down on ps2 and Xbox.
  • The b and a buttons feel back to front to me.
  • The d pad and shoulder buttons feel clicky and flimsy.

I bought it from ebay and wondering if it was a fake as it has no serial number on the back. What do you guys think? Because if this is really the best controller for the Wii virtual console, the big N better hurry and get these games on to the Wii U!

Edit: I did some research and I think it is a fake Grrrr. It should say Nintendo on the back of the controller and on the connector and there is nothing. Damn.

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Yeah, you definitely got a third party controller. It also probably doesn't say Wii on the front either.

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No, you are right. I feel so dirty and used....

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Apparently fake CCPRO controllers are rife on eBay. I'd probably avoid anyone outside of your home territory and too-good-to-be-true prices just in case.

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The original Classic Controller Pros are hard to come by nowadays (they're discontinued in Australia at least), but you can find themed "Fight Pads" that are Classic Controllers with a design that resembles the GameCube controller but with colouration that corresponds to a particular Nintendo character (whether it be Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Link, Donkey Kong, Wario etc.).

If you have to option to buy a new controller in your area, I would stick with one of those instead.

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I am pleased with the Hori Mario Smash Bros one. (For N64 I would certainly prefer that to the CC Pro / CC).

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I use the one that came with Monster Hunter Tri. It's really great.

Too bad you got a fake. :/


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You need to buy the GC controllers that are connected to the wiimote if you are playing in your Wii U, there are also adapters to connect it. The GC controller is the best option to play N64 games.

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Personally, I like the themed controllers that Nintendo, Hori and PDP have been releasing. They all work very well. We have the Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach Wii-motes, the Mario and Luigi Hori pads and the Toad PDP pad. I think the GameCube controller is the best one Nintendo ever made and the button layout works very well with N64 games once you get used to having the Z trigger as a shoulder button. As an extra bonus, they ooze Nintendo themes goodness.



This is the issue I have with buying controllers too. Switch controller is too expensive but fake controller probably won't work well.

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It's probably a fake, but I'm afraid that the deadzone will still be higher than original hardware with a Classic Controller (Regular or Pro), 1st party GameCube controller, or the Hori controller (I don't own the PDP counterpart).

It's not a killer on Wii Virtual Console N64 downloads, but I notice it from time to time like making minor adjustments on straightaways in Mario Kart 64 or walking narrow ropes and such in Ocarina of Time. You just can't fine tune it like you can on an actual Nintendo 64.

My favorite controller with these was actually my Wavebird, particularly since rumble pack releases had the feature disabled anyways, meaning I lost nothing using a rumble-less controller. My one regret shifting my Wii downloads to the Wii U was losing compatibility with my Wavebird in N64 games, although the wired Hori lookalike has since softened the blow.

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I only first heard of a controller having a deadzone with the release of F-Zero X on Wii U. It doesn't seem to have been an issue before then.

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