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We all know that not only is this effortless plagiarism at it's worst, but the C64 base is pretty low but now that we actually HAVE C64 games in the US, and we've barely gotten any C64 games, it's about time we got another game, don't you think? What games are you dying to see appear?

I'll try to update this first post with a list of games everyone wants and how many people confuse this for a different topic.

C64 Games We Wanna See!
Donkey Kong
Solar Fox
Aztec Challenge
Boulder Dash
Boulder Dash II
Bounty Bob Strikes Back
California Games
Chuckie Egg
Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine
Defender of the Crown
Great Giana Sisters
Impossible Mission
Impossible Mission II
International Karate +
Jet Set Willy
Jumpman Jr.
Jupiter Lander
Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance
Last Ninja 3
Leaderboard Golf
Little Computer People
Manic Miner
Mayhem in Monsterland
Miner 2049'r
Monty on the Run
Omega Race
Rags to Riches
Space Taxi
Tooth Invaders
Tower Toppler
Turrican 2
Way of the Exploding Fist
Winter Games
World Games
Mario Bros
Frogger 64

I didn't list every game worth mentioning, and skipped a lot of games that were merely ports or probably wouldn't show up. I just got tired of typing, so feel free to list some more.



Well, I'll second BallBlazer and H.E.R.O.

I'm pretty sure these also had C-64 releases (correct me if I'm wrong); I know they were on the Atari 800:

Rescue on Fractalus
Koronis Rift
The Eidolon
Archon II
Rainbow Walker

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Hmm. I never really played- but after seeing the review for Mayhem in Monsterland, I really want to try it.

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Here are a few missing from your list...

Ultimate Wizard
Rocket Ranger
Project Firestart
Aztec Challenge
Stormlord (might be some issues with this one )
Blue Max
Adventure Construction Set (will need to recommend the use of a USB keyboard)
Alternate Reality: The City
Alternate Reality: The Dungeon
Attack of the Mutant Camels (Jeff Minter!)
Revenge of the Mutant Camels (Jeff Minter!)
The Sentinel
Sidewinder II
Dizzy (All of the Dizzy games)
Spindizzy (not related to the egg)
Star Trek: The Promethean Prophecy (USB Keyboard recommended)
Hacker II: The Doomsday Papers
Balloon Rescue
Bomb Jack



I don't know about the other games, but I listed Karateka already. Who can forget Karateka?
And yes, anthonyb. It's definitely worth a try, and at $5 it's not a bad deal. The only problem is the wait. Be sure to get it when it comes.

Ballblazer is a kickass game that needs porting to SOMETHING, and the C64 version of H.E.R.O. is different, for what that's worth. I don't care too much since I have the Atari 2600 version (both the real deal, and on Activision Anthology), but I listed it anyway.



Karateka rang a bell, so I looked it up. Jordan Mechner had a hand in this game! Anyway, it looks like a prince of persia cross with international karate. I really want to check this one out.



thewiirocks, you listed some licensed games, ports, and adventure games. I deliberately neglected those, just so you know.

We all want to play every Infocom game released on the C64, but it's probably not going to happen. Games that heavily use keyboards on the Wii don't seem too realistic. Nintendo is probably worried people will try to plug PS/2 keyboards into the thing or something. XD

Also, I listed Sentinel and Aztec Challenge already. Some people on this site may already recognize me for praising Bomb Jack, but it's hard to care about the C64 versions of that and most games that had far superior arcade versions, especially now that the Wii has arcade games.

I never played Mutant Camels much. I forget which one I had, but it was always this unlabeled cartridge in the back of my collection. You had this grid, and I could never figure it out as a kid. I never came back to it, odd. :/

You can list whatever you want, I'm just telling you that if you're "waiting for" some of those games you'll be waiting almost as long as the wait for the 30th N64 game on VC, or the wait for Herzog Zwei being rereleased on anything.

Speaking of N64, I listed Donkey Kong, Solar Fox, Mario Bros, and Frogger 64 solely to try to confuse anybody who skipped through my post and mistook this for the N64 topic I parodied. I guess the people here are smarter than GameFAQs, though. But then, mushrooms are probably smarter than rocks.

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Commodore 64 games I'm waiting for: Master of the Lamps, Forbidden Forest, Breakdance, Jumpman Junior, and Jumpman.

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The Jeff Minter stuff would be ace -- did Llamatron appear on the C-64 or was that just Amiga/ST/DOS? I got busted at work for playing Llamatron once in the early days of the www...and how could I forget Blue Max?

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Flimbo's Quest and Rick Dangerous please. Dizzy too.

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We all want to play every Infocom game released on the C64, but it's probably not going to happen.

Probably not, but it could happen. It has the technology, it can do it! (The Wii has native support for USB keyboards. Primarily used for the web browser, but it's there.)

Nintendo is probably worried people will try to plug PS/2 keyboards into the thing

I'm not quite sure how you'd accomplish that, but okay.

Also, I listed Sentinel and Aztec Challenge already.

Oh, sorry. I got confused. Can you order the list in alphabetical order? It would make it easier to find which games you have and which you don't. Besides, I thought you had this Sentinel. I'm referring to the similarly named "The Sentinel".

Some people on this site may already recognize me for praising Bomb Jack, but it's hard to care about the C64 versions of that and most games that had far superior arcade versions

Fair 'nuff.

you listed some licensed games

The only one I see is Star Trek? Licensed games are not impossible as TMNT for the NES demonstrated. Just far less likely. Of course, it's probably wishful thinking on my part, but The Promethean Prophecy was a highly underrated game in its time.


Most games on the C64 were ported to nearly every computer system in existence. However, every computer system in existence is not on the VC. (We Americans don't even have the MSX. ) So we might as well take the C64 versions.

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This is an insane Sh'up Seriously it's almost like a C64 version of Space Giraffe! Crazzy effects in the background and explosions!!! wah!

Seriously if I see this pop up I would so download it!!!




By ports, I primarily meant ports from the arcade. It's like playing NES Donkey Kong or 2600 Ms. Pac-Man when you could play the arcade games. The only benefit is nostalgia, the arcade versions are clearly better.

I didn't know there was a different Sentinel. For the record, I meant The Sentinel. Also, done. I have alphabetized the list. I did it a few days ago in fact, when I first wrote the list.



Nice site Kristof; some of those games look like they could be nifty.

I didn't realise Montezuma's Revenge was originally for the Atari 8-bit. It's one of two games on the Atari 800 I actually paid money for (oh, the days of being a teenager and copying floppy disks!); the other one was Bill Budge's Pinball Construction set from EA, which failed to live up to my expectations. Now that's a title I'd like to see remade for the Wii!

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Turrican, Head Over Heels, Wasteland, and Creatures 2.

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Beach Head 2, Impossible Mission, California games, Dragon's lair

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Absolutely none. I've only downloaded two so far and neither have done anything for me - personally I hope Nintendo drop support soon (other than for the games that have been released so far) Supporting the Commodore 64 is by far the worst choice Nintendo has made for the VC service. It's a relic best forgotten and suffice to say should be a system emulated for the sake of curiosity rather than for profit. Emulating the Master System makes a lot more sense than this.

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I really wish the C64 games were emulated better and that they would allow you to use USB keyboards.



Holy crap, Calculon. Did those two C64 games rape you as a child? O_O

I was going to say you probably live in the US like me, but looking at your profile you apparently don't. Unlike the US, you already have the really big deals like IK+, Jumpman, and Mayhem in Monsterland.

In my experience, and I'm saying this as a huge Sega fan, there are far more interesting games on the C64 than the Master System. Yes, it had some classics like Phantasy Star, Golden Axe Warrior, Fantasy Zone, Zillion, some various ports of games, and the Alex Kidd and Sonic games. But for the most part, there wasn't too much going for it. The fact that you say C64 is "a relic best forgotten" shows your lack of appreciation for older gaming, and your opinions on the matter should be regarded as lesser or null for it.

The C64 introduced many, many people to the world of computers, allowed children and adults to take an interest in (or at least gain an appreciation for) programming, and had a rich library of games from an era where small groups, even individuals, could release really cool games. With the dawn of the NES and Master System, the simplicity of the "Atari era" died, and an entire side of gaming along with it.

But don't ever think that C64 is only about little indie games. There's plenty of quality, and most would agree, Mayhem in Monsterland alone should be enough to convince any reasonable gamer worth their salt of that. Why don't you try to be reasonable, and subdue some of that C64 hate and give it a try? Out of curiosity, what two C64 games do you have? Perhaps you already do have the aforementioned games, but then you'd probably be a lost cause.

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