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Last Ninja 3 - but the working version



Games that are likely to be released. Based on what already has been released. (Without licensed titles)

5th Gear (Hewson)
Alleykat (Hewson - by Andrew Braybrook, the maker of Paradroid and Uridium)
Cybernoid II - The Revenge (Hewson - by Nick Jones & Raffaele Cecco , the makers of Cybernoid - The Fighting Machine)
Eliminator (Hewson - by John M Phillips, the maker of Nebulus)
Firelord (Hewson)
Gribbly's Day Out (Hewson - by Andrew Braybrook)
Insects in Space (Hewson & Sensible Software - by Jon Hare who was Interviewed on the Nintendo Channel)
Iridis Alpha (Hewson - by Jeff Minter)
Lunattack (Hewson - by Andrew Braybrook)
Marauder (Hewson)
Maze Mania (Hewson)
Netherworld (Hewson)
Slayer (Hewson)
Stormlord (Hewson - by Raffaele Cecco)
Zynaps (Hewson)

4x4 Off-Road Racing (Epyx)
Breakdance (Epyx)
Championship Wrestling (Epyx)
Jumpman Junior (Epyx - by Randy Glover, maker of Jumpman)
Pitstop (Epyx - since we already got the sequel this could be also make its way)
Summer Games (Epyx - since we already got the sequel this could also make its way)
Street Sports Baseball (Epyx)
Street Sports Basketball (Epyx)
Street Sports Football (Epyx)
Street Sports Soccer (Epyx)
Super Cycle (Epyx)
The Games Summer Edition (Epyx)
The Games Winter Edition (Epyx)

Boulder Dash II (First Star Software - by Peter Liepa, maker of Boulder Dash)
Boulder Dash Construktion Kit (First Star Software - by Peter Liepa)

Bangkok Knights (System 3 - by Mark Cale, maker of The Last Ninja)
Flimbo's Quest (System 3)
Myth (System 3)
The Last Ninja Remix (System 3)
Vendetta (System 3)

Creatures (Apex - by the makers of Mayhem in Monsterland)
Creatures 2 - Torture Trouble (Apex)


Now for my wishlist:
LucasArts adventures: Maniac Mansion & Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders.
LucasArts classics: Koronis Rift, Rescue on Fractalus!, The Eidolon & Ballblazer.
Rainbow Arts cult games: Turrican, Turrican II - The Final Fight, Katakis, X-Out, R-Type, Giana Sisters, Hard 'n' Heavy.
Rainbow Arts classics: Madness, Circus Attractions, Jinks, To Be On Top, Grand Monster Slam, Bad Cat, Garrison, Spherical.

And some some additional evergreens:
Elite, Project Firestart, M.U.L.E., Wizard of Wor, Netherworld, Archon, Bruce Lee (licensed?), Wizball...
and a whole lot I can't remember right now.

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Ok the ESRB has been updated with Boulder Dash, Impossible Mission(Finally!!!!) and Tower Toppler. So maybe we will see these games soon.

Reopen the Wii Shop Channel


Would text adventures ever come to the VC?

Edgey, Gumshoe, Godot, Sissel, Larry, then Mia, Franziska, Maggie, Kay and Lynne.

I'm throwing my money at the screen but nothing happens!


The C64 emulator has a keyboard, so it wouldn't be impossible.
Can't imagine they would be terribly fun to play that way, though.



How about Stunt Track Racer! To this day, the game had some of the best play contoll I have ever expierenced.

EXPERIENCE MORE.... Arcade-quality graphics, awesome sound, "turbo-charged" game play, exciting TurboChip games... It's the incredible Turbo Genesis 64 Entertainment SuperSystem Experience. There's more fun, more challenge, and more excitment ready for you today!


I wish Ocean stuff like Platoon and Rambo could appear but it never would...

Would like to see...
Kickstart 2
Stunt Car Racer
Vendetta (system 3)
Creatures 2
The Great Escape
Summer Camp
Beyond the Ice Palace...

The music on the C64 far surpassed 8-bit consoles and while graphics were often blocky, it had some excellent games, and many fond memories for me!
Shift + Run/Stop - Press Play on Tape!

Also - good point about Ninja3, thats crazy its still not working!

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To support the C64 I will download more great C64 titles soon.

On my list are:

  • Boulder Dash

I often play it at a friends house, and it's just great on his Plasma TV. The retro graphics look so clean. Definately something I want to beat on my own Wii.

  • Paradroid

Downloaded it already. 9/10

  • International Karate
  • International Karate +

I would get both, but to save some money I'll start with IK+. I have this game on CDTV, but it's only 1 controller. This game lives from its multiplayer. It's too good to miss out on the Wii and I hadn't some exciting IK matches against my brothers and old friends for years. Should relive this soon.

  • Impossible Mission
  • Impossible Mission II.

I got Impossible Mission DS and beaten it twice thanks to the save option. I loved this game back in the day for it's atmosphere, animations, puzzles, exploration and voice speech. I liked the first one better, but the sequel wasn't bad either. I will revisit IM1 soon.

  • The Last Ninja
  • The Last Ninja 2
  • The Last Ninja 3

This series is awesome! Some of the best graphics and soundtracks on the C64. Last Ninja 2 is the best one, but Last Ninja 1 is nearly just as great. Last Ninja 3 was generally reviewed as the worst in the series. I have beaten 1+2 back in the day (never got LN3) but when they fix the bug in Last Ninja 3, I'm downloading the whole LAST NINJA TRILOGY for the Wii.
But beware: This game is hard. I was only a kid with cheats and help from others to beat such a hardcore game.

  • Uridium

Downloaded it already. 8/10

I have some respect for Jumpman, Pitstop II, Nebulus and Cybernoid as they were outstanding games for their time. Maybe I will download 1 or 2 of them if I'm in the mood.

Winter Games, Summer Games II, California Games and World Games were million sellers back in the day: retro casual titles if you will. I'm not into sports games collections but these games demonstrate some great visuals and multiplayer fun on the C64.

Last but not least we have Mayhem in Monsterland. The technical most advanced title that is very similiar to the latest platformers for the NES, is unfortunately very glitchy in its VC reincarnation. It's a good and challenging little platform game though.

But seriously, those 19 C64 games on the VC are nothing compared to the wide variety of genres and unique originals the original C64 has on offer.

C64 games often go trough a licensing hell, so it's like the games only cost 400 Wii Points, with the 100 Wii Points extra just to get that game released on the Wii.

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