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If you have spent anytime around the Nintendolife forums then you already know that each forum has a "latest _ purchase". So, without further ado what have you bought for your Wii U?

For me, I got the Deluxe Bundle along with a a couple of black friday deals on the following games:
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

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The Deluxe Bundle. In just 29 days I'll be able to play the thing. -__-"

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Nano Assault Neo

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Deluxe Bundle and Nano Assault Neo.

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So far just the Wii U Deluxe bundle which my son will be unwrapping Christmas morning.

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Deluxe Bundle :):)

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WiiU Deluxe w/ Nintendoland
New Super Mario Bros U
Assassins Creed 3
Scribblenauts Unlimited
Call of Duty Black Ops II
Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed (digital)
LEGO Lord of the Rings (Wii)
LEGO City Undercover (preorder)
Turtle Beach N11 Headset
Wii U Write & Protect
Gamepad Silicone Jacket

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Deuxe bundle with scribblenauts unlimited.

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Deluxe Bundle

will not get another wiiu game till i finish all 3 first unless otherwise gotten from christmas or whatever



Got my ZombiU premium pre ordered from HMV and I've just now preordered Black Ops 2 and Assassins Creed from Amazon and have preordered NSMBU from with credit I had from my trade .

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Premium Bundle
Sonic Racing

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Deluxe Bundle w/ Nintendo Land
New Super Mario Bros U
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed


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Just ordered Arkham City off Amazon for $10 off.


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TysonQ7 wrote:

The Deluxe Bundle. In just 29 days I'll be able to play the thing. -__-"

Pretty much the same scenario for me; Deluxe with NSMBU!

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I've got 3 more days to wait here in the UK, but I went with the ZombiU bundle, Nintendo Land, NSMBU and Assassin's Creed III.

Edit - I've also bought a new, black Wii remote and nunchuck to go with the Pro Controller that is being bundled.

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I bought the Deluxe set(U.S.), a pro controller, NSMB.U, COD:BO 2, Nano Assualt Neo, some Skullcandies for online game chat. I originally bought the N11 Turtle Beach headset, but I found that the extra $33 wasn't worth it, and mainly for the Wii U/Turtle Beach name. I don't recommend getting an expensive gaming headset for Wii U until they make a 5.1 surround sound bluetooth headset. DON'T BUY TURTLE BEACHES FOR WII U imho!


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Picked up the Basic Set(Again only because it's White) With >

Nintendo Land

Ya, i still haven't unboxed it yet haha. I will once i finish up Steel Diver and Rayman Raving Rabbids. I hate leaving games unfinished even if there's a Nintendo Console launch right around the corner!

Aside from ZombiU, I'm thinking of scoring Tekken Tag 2...But I'm not too sure, considering i haven't played a Tekken game since the original on the PS1!



Tekken will probably be my next buy, but I kinda want Tekken over ZombiU since I've played ZombiU now. ZombiU is pretty cool, and a new game, but I didn't like the limitations in the game to make it more 'survivalish'. I guess you could say I'm complaining about how hard it is, but as a note: with as many features absent, and how easy it is to die in that game(one tackle from a zombie kills you instantly), I think you should buy a Dead Rising or RE game over this, except the newest RE6 if you can.


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