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what games do you think will launch with the wii u?
i'm thinking pikmin 3 and and lego city stories.

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Of course LCS. maybe pikmin 3. New Super Mario Bros Mii better come to the Wii U launch or it's suicide like the 3DS launch.

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Pikmin 3 and New Super Mario Bros Mii are my main predictions. From E3 it sounded like the Pikmin game was pretty much done but they wanted to make it HD and make better visuals.

I would guess they will be making a port of Dragon Quest X and release it on both Wii and WiiU close to the WiiU release too. That would really get sales going, at least in Japan.

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PIKMIN 3!!!!!!!!!!!

Why not you know? the only thing they have to do now is just upgrade the visuals and with Nintendo's resources they can pull it off easily

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They will probably have Mario at launch. Since they had Zelda for the Wii's launch plus Skyward Sword is just coming out. Doubt they'd have a zelda ready for Wii U launch.

Pikmin 3 is a good bet also. We might see a new franchise too, it's not outside the realm of possibility. Luigi's Mansion launched with gamecube. I hope they don't have something like Wii Sports 2 packaged with the Wii U.

They really can't afford to have a launch like the 3DS launch, they need some big names at launch.


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