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Water (shake Ice)
Lava (shake Water)
Poison (shake Lava)
Then shake it again for Ice!
Since Nintendo is adding things that were NEVER on the original Mario platformers, here's a suggestion.
Ability to colo(u)r blocks! It could lead to AMAZING level design!
More suggestions:
Ice Brick (Those who played SMB3 would know what I'm talking about)
Buster Beetle (Shake a Buzzy Beetle, shake again for the helmet, AGAIN, those who played SMB3 would know)
Ice Flower (Shaking Fire Flower (obviously))
Hammer Bro. Costume (SMB3 players would know, shake an Ice Bro..)
Fire Bros. and Ice Bros. (shake Hammer to get Fire, shake Fire to get Ice, and shake it again to get above.)
Ice Koopa Clown Car (shake the Fire Koopa Clown Car, can freeze blocks and you can throw them when they're frozen!)
Ability to change music! (Like, athletic, (everyone loves that) even play songs from different Mario games)
Cannon Warp Pipes (shake Warp Pipe)


✰New Backgrounds✰
Jungle (they'd have to make it for SMB1 and SMB3, there's one already for Super Mario World, sort of)
Sky (This time, for the ground and semi solid platforms, (ground for NSMBU))
Snow (Just change SMW, SMB1 kind of has one)
Lava Land (Change SMB1, but in SMB3, it changes to Dark Land! And change SMW.)


That's all, fingers crossed Nintendo listens to this!

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