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When it first came out, I bought Super Smash Bros for the 3ds. It's a great game and I had alot of fun with it. A friend of mine recently got SSB for the Wii U and I was thinking we could do multiplayer together. So what I am asking is if the Wii U is so much different than the 3ds version that it is worth owning also.



The wiiu game is really only better for local multiplayer (which admittedly a big part of the smash experience).

Besides that, they're the same game with slightly different modes and different stages.

I personally prefer the 3ds' classic mode, smash run and stages.

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I own both versions and it should be noted that I play the 3DS version on a N3DS. While I would say that they are both equal in terms of gameplay and fun to be had, I much prefer the Wii U's controls. Using the Gamepad and it's sticks feel a whole lot sleeker than the N3DS' circle pad and C-Stick. But of course, if you're used to playing on the 3DS and you're going to use that as a controller while playing on the Wii U version, the only real difference you will find is, of course, the graphics and stages you play.

tl;dr - If you want better graphics and more fluid controls, then it's worth it.

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The Wii U version has more stages, more modes, more music, etc... The Smash Direct they did in 2014 explains why the Wii U version is better. Whether you make the purchase is up to you, but if you're a person who regularly plays Smash (rather than shelving it away for months like I do ), I definitely recommend it even if you own the 3DS version.

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I own both and like it better on the Wii U. I use the pro contoller. I like the Tomadachi Life stage on the 3ds and the response time is better I think since the controller is built into the screen (even on the Wii U gamepad there is a slight delay). The only thing I enjoy now is trolling onlinewith Jigglypuff and acting like an idiot.



it basically depends on what controller you want to use. i think i'm better at Smash on 3DS because i've played it a lot more and because i'm too used to Melee Gamecube controls to use the GC controller for a different Smash. what i should do is play the Wii U version with my 3DS, that's an option too if you want to play your friend with your preferred controller.

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They both have their virtues, but I like the bigger screen of the Wii U. You can see more detail.


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