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This thread is for appreciating our love for Sticker Star and our hopes for Color Splash.
Please do not post negative things about these games. If you want to post about how "Paper Mario is ruined or Sticker Star was terrible", please post it in the other Paper Mario thread.

Now, what is you're looking forward to in Color Splash?

"PlatinumGamer" wrote:

Is Nintendo Life even that good of a fourm anyways?

"Sparks" wrote:

prolly full of 6 year olds tbh

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Thanks for doing this. If we can get through 2 pages without banging on about the same stuff that polluted the other thread I'd say this is a more than justifiable thread.

I'm personally looking forward to this game wining me over as I'm not yet sold on it.

So get to it Nintendo!



If this doesn't get locked because it's a "repeat" thread I'd be floored.

But rly, I'm excited for this game because it's Paper Mario. I can't wait to see what more is revealed. I'm cautiously optimistic, but I like what I saw so far. I liked the realism it kind of had in the trailer, I didn't expect that. But the WiiU will do that. /looks at Pikmin 3



I'm sorry, but having this thread simply means that we can also have a thread exclusively meant to say negative things about those games, or about any other thing.

Let's just use the main thread, it's there to hold all and any opinions about that game. If you don't feel like reading negative comments, then don't.

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