Topic: Panic buying games on Wii U Virtual Console and 3DS Virtual Console and the eShops! What should i panic buy?! :)

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@Eel Maybe. But i also used a debit card (no credit, just a card linked to my own money) to buy eshop money, and it worked at first, but then it did not work. Weird.



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Hm there is at least one Wii U game demo i could not get even if i wanted it. Maiden of the black water trial version.
I think my white Wii U has around 8 GB memory, the system takes up a few GB. The demo is about 9,9 GB. One freebie i might not get. I could with a hard drive though. I guess technically i could reformat the 2TB Xbox One drive to Wii U in the middle of the night but who knows what is on the hard drive besides just games? (At one point i uploaded pictures to my Xbox One)

I can not check now either because my Xbox One is currently not working.

But getting the free stuff before it is unavailable is kind of nice too, as well, i guess. Why not? As long as it does not take too much time to download. Downloading stuff on 3DS takes some time. I have not used 3Ds for a few years but i remember waiting a long time to download some game, i think it was a Monster Hunter game, once. It took maybe like an hour. (Granted, it takes time to download games to Xbox or Playstation as well, especially if they are 50 GB - 100 GB game files. Wii U and Switch is actually a lot better at such a perticular thing, even though hardware is not quite as strong.. and on Wii U you do not even need to install if it is a disc)

I am actually kind of enjoying it, going through the eshops and looking at what to get in the final hours before eshop closes, it sort of feels like a quest to get the last games. But not cheap, but it is a one time thing. (Unless the Playstation 3 or 4 store closes next month. Maybe the PS3 store is infact closed even.)

I'll confess to having spent some hours yesterday and today grabbing a lot of games, and I'm not even the type to go on shopping sprees! Like your situation, my Wii U couldn't carry everything I wanted to download. What you can do is temporarily delete games. Deleting games off your 3DS or Wii U will not prevent you from redownloading them after March. Nintendo made it clear that the closure only affects purchases, not redownloads. As a result, I deleted some of my games and was able to purchase more than my Wii U can carry. Now I can just delete and redownload as needed. 😀

Yeah i actually used the tactic to delete games to gain more space for buying other games on Wii U last night. The Virtual Console games do not take up too much space, except for the Turbo Graph games which took up about 300-700 megabytes. In comparison, some of the NES and SNES VC games ranged from 15 MB to maybe 70 MB. I guess maybe Turbo Graph games were a lot bigger than NES-SNES cartridges back in the days if they were on floppy disks or cd roms.

But as for the Project Zero game, the file was bigger than my entire available space on the Wii U console because the file was like 9,9 GB and Wii U (white console) only has like 8 GB of storage (and almost half of the 8 GB is used by the system for system updates and such things i think).

Wow, I hadn't thought about that before. If a game exceeds your entire hard drive, then it would be unpurchaseable. At least most games aren't that way.



It’s honestly a big L Nintendo for even selling an 8gb model. 32 is already restrictive, 8 is nothing.

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