Topic: my left anolg stick keeps pushing down

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when i turn on my wii u, the gamepad keeps moving down, when i play mario chase, my charecter keeps moving down. Please help me .



Blow some air into your analog stick, then see if it works.


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Your controller could be broken. Push the analogue stick the opposite way completely, release, and leave it sitting face up for a while. If that doesn't work then you might have to get it fixed.

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In the case your analog stick isn't physically dropping down by itself... It could be that the analog stick calibrated wrong when you turned the system on or loaded a game.

When you do one of those things, and the stick is being pushed to a direction, then that point is set as the "centered" position.... So when you let go of the stick, and it springs to the correct position, the software thinks you're pushing it away from the center.

Try resetting and make sure nothing is touching the sticks.

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I had this with my gamepad, over a year ago now. Re-calibrating did nothing for mine, so I sent it to Nintendo under warranty. They sent it back to me saying they'd fixed it, but the problem was still there when I tried it again. So I sent it back again. This time they said they couldn't find a problem with it so didn't do anything to it, and when it got back to me it was working like normal. Never had the problem since. I can only guess that something small had gotten inside and was causing it to happen until it moved on.

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