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Recently I have been getting more games for my Wii U and it has finally started to run out of space. I had to delete some games to get BoTW. Then sometime later Iwent and got a USB stick. I inserted it and redownloaded some other games. I ran out of space again but luckily I had another USB stick. I took the other one out after shutting down the Wii U . After I had put the new one in I tried to redownloaded super Mario maker. It said I was out of space. I checked it's storage and it had 32 gigs with nothing on it. Any ideasm

Other M was crappy
Pinball was bad
Super Metroid was amazing
Metroid Prime is rad


USB sticks are not ideal. Nintendo messed up and made it where they only want you to use a wall powered HDD. I use one that uses a Y-Cable and noticed bigger games don't read right on either the internal memory and HDD. So I go physical for this reason among others.
That's why i highly rec getting ALL Nintendo games physical. That'll solve your problems. But at the very least get a proper HDD, even if you have to use a Y-Cable one. USB sticks are kinda unreliable when it comes to using them on WiiU.



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