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This is a reference for new and current users of the site

Community Rules:

-This website is intended for users of all ages. Please take this into consideration when posting at Nintendo Life - use common sense and don't use profanity. We retain the right to edit or remove any posts deemed offensive or inappropriate.
-Please show respect for all members at Nintendo Life. Remarks towards others about racism, sexism, origin, creed and handicap will NOT be tolerated and will most likely be deleted by staff, and the poster will be warned, suspended or banned.
-Your posts and posted images are constantly reviewed by the moderating staff, any post or image deemed unsuitable by them will be censored, edited or deleted without prior warning.

Common Decency:

The following rules and guidelines on forum decency or "netiquette" are all mostly common sense, but we know some members lack any common sense so we've listed them here for you to review and hopefully abide by:
-All posts should be made in English. Do not make posts or topics in foreign languages, they are likely to be closed.
-Before you start a topic, perform a search to see if the question or topic you wish to create has been made before. If it has, post in the topic that already exists. Duplicate topics will be closed.
-Please make the topic title you are creating descriptive, clearly reflecting the topic you are addressing. Do not make generic titles such as "Question" or "I need help", these topics will probably go un-noticed, whereas a topic with a descriptive title will gain more interest.
-Do not post topic titles in full capitals, or include an obscene amount of full-stops (periods) or exclamation marks, question marks etc.
-When replying to a topic, don't; unless you have something meaningful to say or something that will contribute to the discussion. Posts such as "Yes" or "I agree" or "LOL" are useless and are wasteful on the servers.
-Begging in the forums for anything is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to; asking users to visit a website for the member to gain points etc., especially pyramid schemes, where you are asking members to help you out by registering places, visiting certain websites etc., these are completely prohibited.
-Do not over quote posts. If a post has more than one quote in it when you are quoting it, remove the one(s) you don't wish to quote.
-Show some restraint on the amount of images you post. Posts or topics with many images are a strain on dial-up users, so please be courteous.
-Do not post images that exceed the width of the page. This will stretch the page horizontally causing viewing problems for members. Large images are likely to be deleted by staff.
-When posting multiple large images in a post, consider linking to the images remotely rather than using the [IMG] tags.
-Do not post excessive amounts of emoticons within your posts.
-Do not harass other users, up to and including site staff and contributors. If you disagree with anything you've read here at Nintendo Life, whether staff or user-submitted, please be constructive in your response. If you have a bone to pick with us, we welcome your feedback via the Contact Form, but hounding our staff via comments, forum topics, messages sent via e-mail, via other websites or other social media will not be tolerated.
-Do not "flame" others. Blatantly offensive posts directed at others will not be tolerated. While we do allow members to debate and voice their own opinions, there will be a limit to how far a heated debate can go before it is closed by staff.
-When contacting us via official means, whether by Contact Form or staff e-mail address, please behave as you would on-site — treat us like human beings, and don't waste our time. We don't stop being staff just because we're no longer posting publicly. Calling us filthy names behind the scenes and threatening to report us to the Internet Police will not persuade us to unban your account for you, end of story.

Unacceptable Content:

-Whilst we grant members the freedom to talk about almost any topic there are still limits, most of these fall under the common sense column but the following subjects and activities are explicitly against our rules:
-Users are prohibited from posting pornographic, vulgar or any other distasteful, inappropriate and explicit images. Users should also be responsible for the copyright of any image(s) they post.
-Linking to any illegal download sites, torrents or other resources that allow users to gain access to illegal content such as copyrighted ROMs, games, movies, music, TV shows, software or related activities is strictly prohibited.
*It is permitted to constructively discuss the use of flash carts, emulators and homebrew software when in the context of previous generation(s) hardware. We ask that you do not link to any resources for illegal copyrighted content such as where to download ROMs and we reserve the right to lock, edit or delete any threads or comments we feel stray too far into an illegal or legal grey area.

Competitions, Contests and Giveaways:

-Users are prohibited from creating their own competitions and posting them within the Nintendo Life forums, if you want to run a competition please do so on your own website.

Warnings, Suspensions & Bans:

Depending on the severity of the violation of rules, the member will be dealt with accordingly.
-Under normal circumstances, the member will be issued a single warning and an explanation.
-Under heavier circumstances the member will be issued one or more warnings and may be temporarily banned, pending a conversation between admin and user.
-Under extreme circumstances, being an extreme violation of rules or disruption, the member will be banned from Nintendo Life.
-All actions are decided by staff only and are not open to public debate, they remain a private issue between user and staff and therefore should not be discussed by other users.
-If you find your account has been banned, you should first contact us and talk to us about it, we're actually quite nice people and given a short, polite apology we'll no doubt be more than happy to re-activate your account knowing that you have learnt your lesson.
-Once banned, any additional accounts created that we suspect to be the same user will also be banned - we employ various techniques to back up our suspicions. If you feel your account has been wrongly banned please contact us immediately to discuss.

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