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My son is having problems downloading an update for LOD BOTW to an HDD. When the game loads, he is prompted to do an update, which results in a system error. He chooses to return to the game but gets an error message that the game won't load without the update. He can't download the update to the Wii U's internal hard drive because it is full with game data.

We've been having intermittent issues with data on the HDD. For instance, it appears to be corrupting data from the LEGO Dimensions game. But it runs games that we have downloaded from the eShop without any problem. I suspect the issue is that the HDD is dying but I'm posting here just in case there's a bug or some troubleshooting step that I haven't thought of.

Thanks in advance for your help!



Check if there is game data for breath of the wild on system memory. If there is the Wii U would try and download the update there even if there is only space on the HDD on not the system.

Alternatively you can move stuff from the system memory to the HDD to free up space for the update and then try that way.

If your HDD is giving you issues it is probably best to replace it ASAP as it will probably get worse and wore until it fails completely.



Check in the Wii U options menu how much space is left on the internal memory. If space is low, you have to delete some files or move files to an external memory to make enough room for the Zelda update.
Delete demos and outdated apps first.

If that's not the case, and the error message you get suggests so, the hard drive may indeed be corrupted and depending on the error should be replaced. At least, you should back-up your important data, or else you risk to lose game saves.

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