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Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Never bought the game because I never owned a PS1. And I probably never will because I do not like systems that need to spin constantly the disc in order to play.



I constantly rented Mohawk and Headphone Jack for SNES and always wanted it but I think it was in retrospect a bad game.



Ninjawariors on SNES. My mom rented it for me randomly and it became my obsession but I ended up forgetting the name. So I never bought it. I of course emulated it later but I really wanted to own it. So glad the switch version came out. Got that day one, so vindication!

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Super Monkey Ball 2. Played it before when at relatives' houses, but don't own it myself. I remember it fondly even though I sucked at games at the time



Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES. The system belonged to some relatives. This game was how I first experienced most of the earlier classic Mario titles besides the original Super Mario Bros.

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That's hard to say since I've owned so many games throughout the years. I guess I never owned TIE Fighter on PC. I just played it for hours at my friend's house.



Easy, Danganronpa.
A friend of mine bought the games when they came out and since he doesn't really speak english and it didn't get localized into our mother tongue, I came over and translated/played it with/for him.
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I've been thinking about this for quite a while. It was back when I had my PS2 as a kid. One of the games I had for it was Crash Bandicoot: Warped (I know, it's a PS1 game - that was after I learned that the PS2 was backwards compatible and I never had a PS1 back then). The game's instruction manual had a code to unlock the demo for Spyro the Dragon. I gave it a shot and I enjoyed it...I just never got the game, only stuck with Crash. I also played the Spyro 2 demo via Crash Team Racing, which I liked just as much.

So I would say the Spyro PS1 games would be my favorites I never bought, at least until now since I got Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

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Mega man X3. It came near the end of the Snes life span and finding a copy was pretty much impossible as only a limited amount was ever produced. I ran all over town looking and nobody had it. Luckily i have since bought it from the Wii U VC and it's also on the mega man x legacy collection but the cart got away from me. My physical Snes library will sadly remain without it as the prices are too high for any sane person.



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