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I was hoping to get a little help. In the mid-80's my parents bought a Nintendo for my brothers and I, not realizing the other had bought one too. They ended up giving us one of them for Christmas. A NIB Nintendo Control Deck version has been sitting in their house since then. They are moving to a different house and found it and now I am in possession of it.

I was looking to sell the system, but since they are rare, I can't really find any information on how much it is worth. I've looked at eBay and there is one that has been graded that is listed for $2,500. I have a hard time believing that it is worth that much. I'm just looking to get a fair amount for it.

So my questions are: Is it worth it to have the system graded by a company to ensure potential buyers that it is legit? What is a realistic value of the system that I could sell it for? Where would be the best place to sell it?

The UPC is 045496610067. I'm not sure if I can post photos in this forum, but if anyone is interested, I can post some if you explain how.

Thanks in advance for any info that you are able to provide.



Photos are aloud Could you post some? It’ll help us out a bunch.

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@Mikey_Ramone use and paste the image url

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