Topic: Super Metroid- favorite control scheme?

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@Starkiller: Yeah, I hear a lot of people got stuck in that room. Half because they didn't know what to do, and half because they couldn't pull it off.

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I keep L and R how they are, but I change the rest...

Y - Shoot
X - Item Select
B - Jump
A - Run
Select - Item Cancel



I switch to the normal Y shoot/B jump thing when playing on a real SNES controller.
New 3DS VC pretty much ruins that due to the unavoidable layout changes.
Especially, you know, Start and Select underneath the other buttons.
Had to stick with default which caused all sorts of problems with my muscle memory.

Also wow zombie thread.



The action revolves around jumping and shooting, and you get to experience the full potential right from the first minute. Metroid is a bit unusual, as the game starts with a boss fight, and the player is already highly equipped, giving the player a sneak peek of what’s to come on their journey. To rebuild your arsenal and equipment to their former glory, the player must navigate various sections of the map, freely exploring and fighting enemies to gather power-ups. Full Guide here:



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