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Hi, we recently started playing super Mario world. When we go from one world to the other, or even from one player to the next, the screen gets all wonky until we hit the R or L button, and then the start button and then the screen gets clear. Would this be a console issue or a cartridge issue?

We are playing on an original SNES console with the super Mario world cartridge.

Also, when we save our save points in the game, does it get saved onto the cartridge or the console? It's been forever and a day since it came out so I forget the technicalities. Thanks!



Not sure on the first question.

On the second, it gets saved to the cartridge. The console does not have any permanent storage.
In fact I think the first Nintendo console with built-in storage was the Wii. (depending on if you want to count N64 and GC memory cards as "the console").



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