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...about what life was like at Nintendo and what really happened from 1981 to 1991 while I worked there. The book has already been outlined heavily but I'm looking for input from retro enthusiasts on what sort of content would be the most interesting to readers. Please reply with your thoughts!


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Why does Nintendo see no value in Gyromite, Kung Fu, Ice Climbers, and Balloon Fight?



I'm less interested in the games (that's all well documented), and more in the behind the scenes of the business of Nintendo. Just stuff like marketing strategies, how Nintendo handled competition from Sega and how that may have changed plans, etc.



Wow, thanks for the opportunity to provide input (and for your years of service shaping NOA). I have the most early Nintendo nostalgia and interest in the magazine and the features therein, especially the creative processes behind the original content created just for the magazine, such as the comic strips. I’m also curious about behind the scenes tug and pull balancing journalism with advertising. Thanks for the opportunity.

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Very cool. Excited to see how the book turns out.



I was born this century, so anything retro (ie. before you left Nintendo of America in 1991), from your time at the company can't be coated with nostalgia, merely a gloss of appreciation because of how influential it was in shaping Nintendo into what it is today.

When researching you to consider questions to ask, I realised that you gave an interview on this site back in 2012, where you stated that The Legend of Zelda for NES is your favourite game of all time. So here's one that may be considered appropriate for your book;

"What has been the difference between playing the NES console, when working for Nintendo, compared to when you play a console like the Switch? I imagine there's a more intimate personal feeling with NES than any other console, but have any of them given you anywhere close to the same spark NES did?"

Side note; I'm writing too, about Nintendo. I've written enough (310K words) up until the N64 era so far, and some of your insights in "Gamemaster Classified" might be fun to use. I have no idea if it's even publishable because of all the sources I've used, but it's been there for a while. I did it entirely for my passion for them, and any gain I might get from others enjoying it is secondary to the satisfaction I'll get if I ever finish it.

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