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Hallo guys,

This is my first post on this forum and I have a couple of question regarding to the snes rgb bypass chip from Revision 4.1b-VGP
I follow the installation guide on the main Page of plus the github page of borti4938 and when I was finished the installation the console is working and it reads the games and so on but there are only two colours, green and black... So I would like to share what I did to see if you can spot some mistakes :

I replaced r18 with a 75 ohm resistor
I remove c44, c45, c46, c47(this one's are apparently on the chip)
I removed r15, r16, r17
I hoocked pins r with pin 156, G with 157 and B with pin 158 and csync with pin 151, then it started working but only with the AVC cables and not the RGB NTSC Scart Csync Cable (there wasnt also any improvement on the picture quality)
So I removed also r28 and D1 (I did it with the chip already installed so in that process I pealed the upper left pin of d1 out OUCH) and also bridge J3 (my ntsc cable would not give any signs of life otherwise) and then it started working, but only green and black... picture quality is awesome 😝

I am using an rgb Ntsc scart euro HQ cable with csync clean sync for my Pal snes (I know but that is what suggested) 1chip 02 console

I removed the chip thinking that it was fried and installed a new one... same problem, I don't know what should I do but the problem is definitely on the main board, maybe the cable?

I am looking forward to your relply
Thanks in Advance
Mario Semiglia



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