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Hi everyone.

I have a few of the old NES consoles and all of them are having errors when i plug the game in, it simply won’t work , the red light on the colsole keeps blinking, the only way to Get it to work is to lick on the print on the game before i plug it in, and then fiddle arround with it and then i sometimes get it to work, and then I squeeze in a peace of fabrick between the game and the top inside the console.

I know it is propably a bad idea but that is the only way to Get it to work.

It usually crashes after like 10-15 mins with the screen full of graphic errors.

Further more, I have a shooting game duck hunt, and I can’t shoot the ducks with the joystick pistol, even if I point at the duck 1 inch from the screen, maybe It only work on cathode Ray tv’s and not on new “flat” tv’s doesn’t anyone know ?



"lick on the print of the game" I don't understand that. Are you saying you lick the game label? That won't have any effect on the game. It is coincidence if your game seems to run after that.

Yes, it is well known that the Zapper gun only works on CRT TVs.



I can only guess they meant the contacts. Licking the cartridge is the evolved form of blowing into it.

Doubly gross, effective and dangerous for the cartridge all at once!

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Hi, Yes Correct, licking on the print is the only thing that can get it to work, i’ts not like I have tons of options.. I saw some youtube clips about cleaning the pins on the game, however there are many different ideas about what is correct and what is not..

I have bought some security screw bits and some magic eraser spunges on ebay, hope that will do the trick..

Last, about the zapper gun that only work on older cathode ray tv’s is there a solution for that, other than purchasing a old tv ?

Sorry for my bad english, I’m danish



Modern TVs have lag that the Zapper can't deal with which throws off its sensor. Even "game modes" still have too much lag.



Pocky wrote:

Mener du, at du må slikke etiketen? Bare for at afklare... We must continue in english.

(Clarifying the licking the label thing, for non-danish speakers)

That doesn’t work...

As I said you can try to use fine sanding paper just a little on the slot on the console.

If you want to clean the contacts you can use isopropanol (karburatorsprit) or high proof alcohol +90% and a toothbrush. Just remember to let it completely evaporate before you try to use the game.

And as far as I know there are no ways around using an old CRT...

Nope, I have licked on the metal connectors connecting with the console, just didn’t know what to call it accept “print”that is the ONLY way I sometimes can get the damn games to work. or course I didn’t lick on the etiquette 😊

And as stated earlier I have ordered some tools to try to clean the games and the console itself, a security screw bit for nes, and some magic erasers and a bottle of isopropanol, and some erasers.. I already tryed to clean the games with isopropanol and some cotton swabs, that didn’t do the trick, and after watching some youtube videos it seems I need to take the games and console apart to be able to clean everything properly. I also bought a “72 pin connector” to change inside the mashine if the cleaning dosen’t work.

Too bad about the zapper gun, and if there are no new guns on the marked that work, my 4 year old daughter would have loved to play Duck Hunt..






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