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Hey guys
I recently went through my draws find my old gba sp and automatically I wanted to play it. I found the charger for it also as it was dead and I also found some of the games I had for it. When it was finished charging I played it till an alarming sound and that was a distorted noise coming from the game boy and shortly after that I saw that the game had froze. I kept on turning it on and off again to see if it would happen. It happened every time though sometimes it would last longer or shorter till it froze and made that noise. Do any of you guys know anything on how I can fix this? If any ones knows could you please respond

Thanks very much!!!



Thank you very much for responding
Do you have any suggestions upon how I could clean the card or the cat slot?



You could try using a cotton swab to rub clean the contacts. Press the cotton balls to flatten them out first, or else they won't fit properly in the cartridge.

Adding a tiny amount of alcohol to one end of the swab could help clean them better, just remember to dry it out with the other end afterwards.

When cleaning the cartridge slot on the system, remember to keep it turned off at all times.

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Thank you much. I will definitely try that out!!



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