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Background: I'm writing an essay for school where I'm developing a console for retro games with modern technology to make it a better experience (portability, variety of games, etc). A big part of the essay is collecting opinions by interviews or polls so why not interview many people at once in the target audience by posting on a few fitting forums. I'm not very knowledgeable about retro consoles but I would definitely like to learn and I'll make sure to learn everything I need to to finish this project in the best way. If you know any good sites or literature that could help, make sure to tell me. The essay should be done in about 8 months so there's a lot of time.

My definition of retro in this project is generation 5 consoles and before as well as arcade machines. In the end, this should be something you can make yourself and not a product to be sold as emulation seems like the obvious choice and that's probably not something a business wants to work with. Also, I would like to be able to build it myself in the future if I have some money to spare.

Now to the questions. You may answer as many or few as you want with as much text as you want. You can even add any other information you'd like to contribute as all of it will help.

1. What would you like to be referred to as a source for the project (username, real name, something else) if no answer is given you'll be anonymous.

2. What do you like the most about retro consoles and/or arcade machines, retro games and the experience as a whole? Could be multiple things.

3. What do you like the least about everything in question 2? Could be multiple things as well.

4. What do you like the most about modern consoles? If you don't like them what makes you refrain from them?

5. If you would make a retro console what would you want to include and what would you not want to include? If you've made a DIY console at some point what did you learn from that experience that could be useful for this project?

6. What control interface do you like the most for retro games? Both original and for emulation.

7. Do you see any way I could improve this post before posting it on other forums? Any questions that could be important to add?

Thank you for wanting to help! The essay is in Swedish but if this gets some interest I can translate the part showing off the final model and post here as thanks if anyone would like some inspiration for their own builds. Also sorry for possible spelling or grammar mistakes cause English isn't my first language.



How bout you do your own homework, you will get more satisfaction that way.

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Sorry we can't help you with that. Please don't create threads asking for things.


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