Topic: hello i am searching for a nintendo Side-scrolling game

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i remember the character was looking like snoppy the dog and he has a stick that helped him to jump also was an ice level that was very slippery You had to collect keys to unlock a level. When you hit walls with the stick it will bounce off and character spins in cercles.

I know it sounds like Duck Tales but i think is a different game.

i think maybe is a Nintendo ROMhacks of an original game.

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The only thing that comes to my mind is Ducktales on NES, but the main character is a duck not a dog. However he did use his can to jump higher and there was an ice level that was slippery.

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If we're talking about very old Nintendo games, like Nintendo Entertainment System, then Duck Tales comes to mind. There was a remastered version on Wii U and other systems as well.

The player character is white and uses a stick to pogo-jump off of enemies, and one of the playable levels from the start of the game is ice based.


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