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This is hard.
Probably Omega Ruby right now.
I also liked Chrystal for the Icognito, basically.
Is still remember how revolutionary pretty Sapphire looked to me at the time.
I don't have any strong feelings for White 2, since I only played it once.
I started to play Pearl and loved the music, but I somehow got lost and didn't finish it yet.
I found X a little disappointing. The areas looked nice, but it felt a little soulless. And I hated my "friends" quite a lot.
It was too obvious in this game that the series is indeed aiming for a young audience. I prefered the one-rival solution.
But overall I guess it was a nice game. Just way at the bottom of my favorites.
I didn't play the fireread/leafgreen and heartgold/soulsilver aswell as the original black/white. But I guess I have to catch up on that.

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Pokemon Platinum without a doubt!



I have a soft spot for Pokemon Ruby and therefore Omega Ruby as well (never played through Emerald), but my favorite game has to be Platinum! All my favorite Pokemon are in gen 4!

I would have never guessed Weezing was so useful until I played a HeartGold Nuzlocke!
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yes, i also like pokemon, he was very funny



1. Pokemon White/White 2/Black/Black 2
2. Poikemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald
3. Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver
4. Pokemon X/Y
5. Pokemon OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire
6. Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen
7. Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal
8. Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow
9. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum



@Buizel I feel the same. I never understood why some say the 3D models looks souless, to me the pokemon look more lively and detailed that any sprite managed to accomplish. I loved that they chose a cel shaded style and that the region was quite interesting. Training, customization , pokemon amie, mega evolutions that made many pokemon that were irrelevant competitive (and others that didn't need it even more overpowered) and some of the best pokemon designs in the series where aspects that hugely improved the games for me. If I could choose to change something about those games, it would be "our friends". I really disliked them. Other than our rival, the others are really poorly written. Oh, and the O powers guy, he was really creepy.



Pokemon Red it's the only one I played and finished and got all 150 Pokemon.

I am also enjoying Pokémon Go as well.

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Pokemon Monster. It's the best Pokemon training game I've ever played. It's kind of a RPG game for catching and collecting monsters. Capture monsters, then train and evolve them. There are thousands of monsters divided into different types such as fire type, water type, grass type and etc. Monsters in different types are restrained each other. I don't know why it is not on the official App Store but my friend suggested me this game and I had to install it via some other third-party sources

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