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I noticed there was some pretty interesting things that got license as official NES products.

They're also some joysticks made by Beeshu. There are other companies making joysticks at the time for the NES.

At first it seemed like the NES Advantage was the only licensed fight stick. Some of the unlicensed fights sticks may have been designed ripoffs that could have been sued for other reasons like copycating.

But the Beeshu was different. Critics call their parts at the time high quality parts. And they were the only ones with an ambidexterous joystick.

At first Beeshu wasn't licensed then they were licensed.

First of all did any other joysticks from that era other than the advantage and eventually the Beeshu line get a license for the NES?

Second it seemed like Beeshu passed all the tests except for one major test, either Nintendo failed any controller that could be right hand manipulated, (which is funny because I noticed they were touting a hands-free joystick they were using in children's hospitals. So playing with no hands is okay but playing with right hand on the joystick is not okay. So much so they build a multi-thousand dollar controller to be used one at a time yet won't make a line of ambidextrous sticks for the general public.) Or Nintendo wanted the arcade joystick market to itself and would have even rejected companies like Hori if they wanted to make a joystick in the American market at the time.

Is it true that unlicensed Beeshus and licensed Beeshus only differ at the Port end of the joystick where there's an official Nintendo logo on the port of the joystick and everything else is electronically and mechanically identical?

By the way in ambidextrous joystick news, a few months ago Hori USA said they liked my joystick enough, where the next time there's a break in merchandise that doesn't have to be shipped immediately on a time schedule, they'll submit my design to Hori of Japan.

By the way do you realize that the last right handed or ambidextrous fight stick that was licensed by the system maker was the Beeshu Genesis Gizmo, and that was only a three buttons stick? So there are many systems that still need a right-handed fight stick throughout history.

In the days of the Atari 2600 and Atari 800 computers they had Lefty solutions. Three different ones.

A male to female dongle with pin swapping is one of them.

Another one is ambidextrous third party joysticks,

And the third was a left-handed shift within the software which you rotate your tire joystick 90° clockwise to make it a left-handed joystick.

Mattel and Coleco made their joysticks ambidextrous and Atari even followed suit with the 5200 and 7800 making them amidextrous.

So why did people go out of their way to make ambidextrous joysticks before the crash yet with Nintendo lock out the way people use joysticks the most and expect people to go along with it without complaining, Just because most people will be playing with two thumbs they will not realize the imbalance of swapped dexterity.



I thought the NES Advantage was actually made by ASCII (who made and sold its SNES successor).



I'm not talking about the NES advantage. I'm talking about it's major competitor the Beeshu NES SuperStick.... The one that was both left handed and right handed on the same stick.

I have a theory that the super stick passed all quality checks it had for other companies for a joystick license but Nintendo refused its initially because either Nintendo wanted a monopoly on licensed joysticks and went with the NES advantage or if that's not true and there were other licensed joysticks besides the NES advantage then it failed because it allowed for right-handed play.

Was there ever or is there now a clause anywhere in Nintendo licensing where right-handed play automatically disqualifies it for licensing? I heard when the supreme Court ruled certain licensing tactics by Nintendo of America illegal they HAD to license the Beeshu Superstick, because it qualified for a license for all of the reasons except this one reason Nintendo kicked out Beeshu. It was either wanting a monopoly or banning right-handed play.



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