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The good times have finally come, SEGA's classic 1987 arcade game is now on XBLA (shame on you VC Arcade for not getting this yet).

At only 400 MS points this should be considered an essential purchase. It's the perfect arcade game really, you'll need great skills to complete it in one credit. The addition of online scoreboards makes this a real winner as now you know if your friend was BS'ing you all that time about his accomplishments on MAME!

If you have a 360 (or PS3??) you owe it to yourself to download this bad boy.

^^ I wish I had the skillz to play like this dude using no shurikens! lol

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Yep, XBLA got a great update this week, with six classic sega games all at 400 MS points each ($5). The VC will probably get this sometime, with no online scoreboards and at a higher price.

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