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I wanted to create a thread about this for a long time and I did not find one that is dedicated to fixing our own consoles, gamepads and even cartridges!!!

For example changing the analog stick of a JoyCon, or changing thermals paste of PS3, or changing the display of a DS!

Here we can exchange experience and give help to those that want to do it themselves.

Today I found out that the Start button of my PSP 2000 is not working. I opened it and found that all buttons in the bottom of the display are on one ribbon cable, meaning that if one is not working I have to change them all. So I ordered a new one from eBay. I now know to to change it successfully without damaging the console (I took it apart, pulled out the ribbon cable and put it back on, still works ). In the worst case the problem is in the motherboard which automatically results in keeping the console for parts

Also cleaning consoles inside is nice topic as well.

Anyone here interested in that kind of stuff like me? Keeping your consoles for as long as possible?

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@Zuljaras yep, definitely interested! Cleaning consoles/controllers/games seems to fix 90% of issues, particularly for older consoles.

Always worth checking out a YouTube video of the specific issue first though just incase there's anything else that needs fixing while the damn things been taken apart.

I recently took apart a Dualshock 3 to clean because my button presses were unresponsive. Had the idea to check a YouTube video though and made an adjustment to a bit of foam that was holding some contacts from the flexible circuit membrane down on the main circuit board (wrapped some tape around it to make it thicker so it would give a firmer connection) and it fixed my issue!

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