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Switch Stretch goal? No but looks cool and could be on the Switch in the future.

Glyphs of Eldamir - 2D Retro-Style Dungeon Crawler Roguelike

Save the town of Eldamir from imminent destruction by repairing the Glyphs that once protected the land from evil before it's too late.

Tala - An Explorational Puzzle Game.

Tala is an explorational puzzle game that combines nature photography and traditional animation techniques.

Switch Stretch goal? Yes!

NetherWorld: A pixel love story

NetherWorld is a horizontal side-scrolling pixel art adventure, with a lovely*, irreverent and sinister plot. *(this part is debatable)

Bounder – the 80’s retro gaming classic is bouncing back!

Bounder is a classic game which was originally developed and published by the world renowned Gremlin Graphics.

Epic 90’s Journey: The Legend of Elesha

16-bit Era Retro RPG Adventure Platformer set in an alternative version of the 90’s. Got some retro love within you?

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Netherworld is such a WTF I don’t completely trust the campaign.

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Can't check if this has been posted before and its relatively new so I doubt it.

Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos

Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos is a 1-4 player Action RPG with roguelike elements, combining procedural dungeons and an expansive overworld.

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Has Switch stretch goals.

ROTA - Gravity Bending Puzzle Platformer

ROTA is a Gravity Bending Puzzle Platformer with a 1-Bit Art Style and LoFi Hip-Hop Soundtrack


Explore a 2D game in 3D space. Play as two thieves who unknowingly steal the perception of reality.

Blade of Arena - A New Type of MOBA/Battle royale Game

Melee Combat Only Acton PVP Game. This Game can let you enjoy PVE/PVP content in 30-40mins.

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Found this one called "Kingdoms of the Dump", and it looks quite fun:

From the Site:


Kingdoms of the Dump is a game about a world of trash created by two real-life janitors. While designed to evoke the 90's JRPG flavor, we have incorporated adventure and platforming inspirations as well as modern design innovations to the genre.

The King of Garbagia has been trashpicked! Disgraced squire Dustin Binsley is blamed for the kidnapping and must embark on a mission to clear his name. Cross the Lands of Fill, uncover hidden secrets in the trash, and expose the evil organization trying to destroy the Kingdoms of the Dump!

Problem is that the Switch is a stretch goal of $ 80,000.00

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