Topic: Are you a Sega person or a Nintendo person?

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I'm a Nintendo person. Before I got the Playstation in 1997, the only non-Nintendo system I had was my Game Gear. I was practically raised on Nintendo. Wish I'd actually given the N64 a chance, though.

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Definitely Nintendo.
When it comes to TVs/DVDs, Sony.
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I've always been a nintendo person. I'm thinking about trying playstation sometime. I'd get a sega if I knew of some games that would interest me but I can't think of any.



Nintendo Person. The only Sega console I own is a Dreamcast and I haven't got that many games for it. I'll always be drawn to Nintendo but I don't just stick with them (I currently own all 5 major consoles as proof of that). I'm up for all different consoles if the truth be told.

Seeing how the website is called "Nintendo Life", I'm fairly certain that most users on here are going to be "Nintendo People". Besides, since Sega dropped out of the console market back in 2001, You're more likely to find "Sony Or Microsoft People" on here if at all, with the main exceptions being those who were born in the 80's or earlier

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I was a Nintendo person back in the day, though I always found the time to cheat on them for a round of Sonic the Hedgehog every now and again. :3

Nowadays, I have no allegiance to any of them. I personally like Nintendo the most (nostalgia mostly, and the fact that they still make great games), but my allegiance is more to certain video game franchises.

Now I just have to buy that PS3 I want and seal my fate as a true video game mercenary...

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I have always been a Nintendoid, and always will be. <3

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I was a Sega kid way back when cause that's the system my mom gave me. Loved Sonic 1, 2, 3, Street Fighter, Vectorman, Earthworm Jim, etc. I had a few friends with a SNES, and we'd alternate sleep overs cause I wanted to play the SNES they wanted to play my Genesis. Every time playing it at their house was like, being in a temple. Super Mario All Stars, in particular.

So, eventually I traded my Genesis for a SNES with a friend because I found myself wanting to play the SNES more than my Genesis (which I also liked), since there's no way my mom could/would get me a second system. Worked out a trade that also netted me Super Metroid, Contra 3, and A Link to the Past. Oh dear lord, looking back now that was a helluva way to start the SNES experience. Shortly afterward Super Mario RPG came out and my mom did the incredible thing of buying me that game. Then the N64 came out, SM64, and camping out at Sears to reserve a copy of OoT. Talk about a string of playing nothing but gold. Never looked back again.

I did get a Dreamcast (or a trade for a FUBU jacket... seriously), loved Sonic Adventures, Crazy Taxi and Power Stone. But we all know what happened with that system. Oh yeah, also by the time the PS2 came out, I was a teen and a girlfriend gave it to me for my B-Day. It collected dust, only played Dragonball and Fifa, and occasionally played DVDs on it. Like a dude said above, it's the franchises; and Nintendo has the franchises that I like.

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Nintendo always have always will.

So many good games, so little money to spend.
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c. None of the above.



Nintendo, followed by NEC, followed by Microsoft, followed by Sega.

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I'm a 'get whatever system looks to have the most fun stuff on it' person.

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Nintendo is what Genesisn't.

all i'm sayin'.

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I'm not defining my personality in these kind of terms. That being said, Nintendo has always been special to me. Nintendo has a business to run, and they are doing it pretty wel right now (understatement), but I admire the creative decisions they make and the uniqueness and quality of their games. Playing a sports game by mimicking the sport with simple motions was revolutionary and turned out to be very successful. A tech demo and some avatars have brought Nintendo where it is today. This proves originality, creativity and charm have a wider and stronger appeal than technical specifications. Their main franchises like Mario and Zelda are always of exceptional high quality.

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Nintendo person, though interestingly my first game on the GBA was Sonic Advance 2.



Mostly Nintendo but I am a huge SEGA fan at the same time

Segtendo FTW!

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Im a bigger fan of 3rd party development more than anything. Most all the games I love so much on NES/SEGA are all 3rd party. Same for Wii, PS3, 360, heck all the systems. Id rather buy 3rd party than First Party anyday.

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I was a Sega person until the Sega Saturn came out, then I was like mmm Nintendo looks nice...




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Nintendo Fan (person) since the day i got my NES (my first Console). And thanks to Wii VC, i now appreciate the competitors of yesteryears as well (well not as much as my SNES) as former rival games such as Sonic and YS.

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