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Which is better:
Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

I should get a PlayStation console.



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Sonic is such a trash-tier franchise (after years of crappy/rushed releases from Sega) that I am tempted to say "microtransactions", but that would be akin to cutting off one's nose to spite the face.

So I will, with extreme reluctance, say grimacingly...

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.

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The fact Rise of Lyric had an accompanying TV show that turned out to be the most self-aware and self-parodying show I'd seen in a good long while erases any misgivings I had about the game.

Sonic Boom all the way, baby.



Yeah, I really like the TV show. Especially the second season.

I should get a PlayStation console.


Easy choice. Sonic Boom. One is a single bad game, the other is an anti-consumer toxic business practice warping and corrupting the whole gaming industry and twisting the minds of children to be okay with game progress, features and unlocks that are locked behind paywalls.

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Microtransactions make you pay in tiny increments for a variety of things regardless of quality or value.

Sonic Boom makes you pay all at once for something of extremely poor quality and value.

Are we sure the above posts have thought this value proposition through carefully enough?



One damages a franchise with a single game nobody will try to imitate. The other damages the entire industry with an anti consumer practice that is easily exploitable and demonstrably profitable.

Neither is forcing you to pay for it.

Unless the question is: would you rather have one or the other right now? As in, receiving a copy of sonic boom or a free microtransaction in a game of your choice. In which case I’ll take some fire emblem heroes orbs, plz.

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