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SWEET! 14 character limit Nintendo must have thought of me during some sort of a 'what limit should the ID's be' brainstorming session... Nice of em



Lots of people here still haven't added me, even a few who said they've added everyone so far. If you've posted your username here, I've added you.

Feel free to add me on the Nintendo Network: ShadJV
Here's my 3DS FC, always looking for Pokemon X Friend Safaris: 2191-7643-5167


I added everyone that I could so far. There were a few that wouldn't let me send a request though.

3DS Friend Code: 4983-5043-3463


Since Snap is too short... I had to go with Snapper.

Edit: I've added everyone that could be added up to this point. Thanks!

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3DS Friend Code: 0344-9291-6736
WiiU Nintendo ID: Snapper


Okay cool ive added everyone so far that i could add still waiting for some but i got most now

3DS Friend Code: 3582-8462-4664
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-Mario Kart 7
-Kid Icarus
-Resident Evil

3DS Friend Code: 3582-8462-4664 | Nintendo Network ID: the_dude57


MadAussieBloke wrote:


SWEET! 14 character limit Nintendo must have thought of me during some sort of a 'what limit should the ID's be' brainstorming session... Nice of em

14-character limit you say? mine limits me to ten. am i in the right spot? under "enter nickname for this mii?"

to aNyone who can answer my question here i'd be very appreciative. id like to bring over my xboxlive gamertag to my wii u but it is too long to fit in that ten-character space.

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@selective_blue, your Mii name and Nintendo Network ID are two different things. They both show up on your profile, but make sure you're editing the right thing.

I'll add people when I get home.

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itsanandito . I've added a lot of people here already.



@Emaan save a spot for me!
even though I havent even plugged mine in yet. >.>

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@Happy_Mask, of course I will!

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Add me if you want by sending a request. I'll do it back. I also do wii u chats too

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My NN ID - MrSRArter


3DS Friend Code: 4511-0465-7453 | Nintendo Network ID: MrSRArter


friend requested everyone

3ds fc:5112-3427-3255
wii u id: nintendaholic


Hi everyone! I realized that I'd posted my network name wrongly! If anyone wants to add, I'd be glad to get some NLife fam in! My ID is NImH37.

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My Wii U is in the mail and hopefully will be here by Friday. I will post my NID then, especially looking for ZombiU players! (corpse looting heheheh)



Finally got mine set up but it is 11:30 so I will have to get around to adding people some time soon. My ID is Choryzo.

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Nintendo Network ID: Choryzo


Vehemont is mine of course! Add me if you want to.



Sup everyone! I've got my WiiU, my nintendo id is NINTEX. Add me and give me ur id!!! I have New Super MArio Bros U, Nintendoland and Call Of Duty Black Ops 2

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Some of my fav franchises- F-zero Mario Kart Monster Hunter, Pokemon Waverace 1080 Extreme-G Metroid Resident Evil

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WiiU Nintendo ID: NINTEX


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