Topic: ACNL: Welcome Amiibo Friend code Exchange Nov 2017

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Hi I just started animal crossing new leaf welcome amiibo about 5 days ago I’m really new and would love it if someone would play with me
I do have Skype just comment down below if u want to link up on Skype
Friend code: 4055 8862 4102
Name: lil soap
Town name: kush town
Town fruit: peach
Version: Animal crossing new Leaf: Welcome Amiibo



@kushqueen420 you can add me and I'll add you asap


Switch Friend Code: SW-4391-2806-7218 | 3DS Friend Code: 5430-2754-0491 | My Nintendo: luciap87 | Nintendo Network ID: goodemann


@Kushqueen420 @luciap I've added all you for acnl wa fc 4786 0421 9544

FC 4786 0421 9544 / SPARKLES / ACNL / DC 6A00 00F5 1E3B

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