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Big Brain Academy (Physical)



I ordered a Japanese copy of Pocky and Rocky Reshrined from Play-Asia.

Also stopped by the Nintendo Store in New York yesterday and picked up a Min Min amiibo.

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Min min amiibo

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Got this two days ago:

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Finally got Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Made some good progress in it and I love it

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1. Pups & Purrs Animal Hospital
2. Waku Waku Sweets
3. Summer in Mara

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5. Pop'n Music
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7. Martial Beat

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Superliminal from Super Rare.

World Quiz, Kuukiyomi 1+2+3, and The Centennial Files from Play-Asia. I was also going to grab the Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid game, but they jacked up the price, and there seems to be an American physical version on the way from Aksys Games, so I’ll hold out for that instead (unless it’s censored).

I also have Quake and Kunio-Kun Retro Bundle that’s just shipped from Limited Run. I already have the Asian release of the Kunio-Kun collection, which includes English support, but most of the Kunio-Kun ROMs are in Japanese only, whereas this updated collection includes English localisation for all titles for the first time.

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