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yeah I was wondering about that too, like are these nopon artificial too? we never see any nopon families or anything and the incubators only ever had everyone else who are humanoids



@Varkster Yeah, it's left pretty open and I assume the dlc will explain some more perhaps, but it was all rather deus-ex-machina so far, with Riku having lucky seven and knowing exactly who to give it to apparently, just altogether very mysterious and knowledgeable, even though I didn't mind too much since I like the character. Nopon also don't have an iris so they're not traceable by moebius like everyone else is, dunno how that plays into things either.

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There are a few side quests in XC3 that hint towards the bulk of Nopon living outside of human society, and that it's a rare few - particularly those with some talent for trade and engineering - who have much to do with it. With a brutal and seemingly eternal war going on, they've got reason enough to be keeping a low profile.

As for Riku being in the right place at the right time, I'd just put it down to dramatic coincidence. It's not the first time in the series that a Nopon has popped up with something utterly vital to the plot, seemingly without good reason for being there, and I doubt it'd be the last.



I've been thinking about the story expansion (Wave 4) of the DLC and have some ideas about what we could see. Heavy spoilers incoming.

I think most of us are in agreement that it'll probably focus on the founders. We know that two of the founders are past versions of Noah and Mio, but the game also hints both Shulk and Rex were two of them. The descriptions under the statues in the city are a clear indication of this. The official artwork for the expansion, showing all three "Xenoblades" also hints that all three of the protagonists will be in the expansion, maybe even playable.

Now, if true, I expect either Noah or someone new to be the main protagonist of the DLC, meeting the other party members (founders) along the way, discovering the power of Ouroboros and founding the city. What I'm not sure about is why we don't see reborn versions of Shulk and Rex in the main game. Remember, Origin saved the data on all inhabitants alive during the merging of the two worlds. Noah and Mio were able to get reborn, so why not the others? Hopefully that gets explained.

Please use spoiler tags when discussing these or your own ideas.

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gotta love the Xenogears callbacks, did colony 15 and I dug the whole "Men of the Sea" schtick



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Okay, I finally filled out the entirety of the Fornis region map. I have to admit, one thing I really miss from XC1 is that the location names were actually written out on the map. Filling out the map in XC3 feels a lot tougher because you can't view the locations that you've found already. When I was filling out the Fornis region I found all the landmarks but the map didn't fill out because I was still missing two locations. I only found them because I was randomly roaming around the region.

I'm currently going through this again with the Pentelas region. I've found all the landmarks but the map didn't fill out which means I'm still missing a few locations. I ended up fighting every unique monster in the region in hopes that a few of them would be in a location that I haven't found yet. This actually DID help me find a new location but the map still isn't filled out completely. I guess I'll just have to roam around again in hopes that I find whatever locations I'm missing ūüėÖ

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oh geez of all the Xenogears callbacks they could make, why'd they pick the layout to Merkava for a section in the final dungeon


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