Topic: Will there be a Nintendo switch PRO?

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To be fair, the reason why it's only on fairly "high end" GPUs is because it's a relatively new feature. The first GPU Nvidia released with Tensor Cores was in 2018. But since then outside of the 16 series GPUs and the Tegra X1 revision in the Switch every product Nvidia has released has had Tensor cores. So Tensor cores and DLSS are SUPER safe bets for whatever comes next for Switch

But on your broader point I'm on the same page as you. I don't think @SwitchForce is quite on the money when talking about the idea of a powerhouse Switch. Because even with DLSS there is more to high end visuals than just resolution and framerate. In some kinds of titles? Sure, DLSS could push the Switch upto and possibly beyond what something like the PS4 Pro could do.

But DLSS isn't magic, there will be some workloads where you're still going to struggle getting "4K" level performance within the thermal/power limits of a device like the Switch. Even if you made it the most premium product you possibly could

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@skywake The low end mobile GPUs in the MX range (e.g. the MX450 released August 2020) still don't have tensor cores either, so it's not quite universal since the 16-series.

Still, on the whole I'd agree. It's a technology that's working its way down the range and future SoCs will almost certainly have them. They'll need a lot of other features besides that to deliver more than a few games in 4K though.



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