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Okay, with the fact that nintendo is bringing enough Wii U games over to the Switch (Captain Toad, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors and Donkey Kong Country), there's a question that I'd like to know and also give my voice too. WHAT OTHER WII U TITLES WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MAKE THEIR WAY OVER TO THE SWITCH? For me, I'd also like to see Super Mario 3D World and Yoshi's Woolly World, but I can also see giving Super Mario Maker another chance since the Switch has touch-screen controls. So there's my small list, and you guys can even give your opinions on non-nintendo made titles that were out on Wii U. Maybe there's even some 3DS or even Wii games you'd love to see come over too! Just separate those 2 systems!!!!



Since I brought up about Wii (with the fact that the joy cons could work as a Wii remote), my list of Wii titles would include: Mario Super Sluggers, Mario Party 8, the Raving Rabbids titles, The Munchables, Super Mario Galaxy 1-2, Super Mario All Stars, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Kirby's Return To Dream Land and Pikmin 1-2. For 3DS, there's not many that I'd like to see come over, but I'll take Zelda A Link Between Worlds and Animal Crossing New Leaf (to tide over until a brand new Animal Crossing comes over) and possibly Hey Pikmin and Chibi Robo Zip Lash.



Wii Games
The Last Story
Pandora's Tower
Super Mario Galaxy Series
Resident Evil Series

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Tokyo Mirage Session is what I'm interested in, I guess.



Xenoblade X, of course. That's like top 5 favorite games for me, and it's the best game on the Wii U.

Aside from that, 3D World and Tokyo Mirage Sessions and maybe Pikmin 3. Mario Maker just needs a sequel that includes more stuff.

Metroid, Xenoblade, EarthBound shill

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Mario maker
Paper Mario
Wind Waker HD

I know in particular paper mario and mario maker would be tricky but would love to have them. They've brought over just about every other wii u game I ever wanted to hope these last few come as well!



Almost forgot about Paper Mario. That would be a good one. Going back to the Zelda games, we just need a good collection! Especially since there won't really be a virtual arcade to download from!@redd214



My children put so, so many hours and had so much fun with Go Vacation. I know it is a product of a bygone era, but they had a blast and I know it would have been a game that my son would have remembered if he would have been able to look back.

Also, I would love to see a Wii Bowling. Simple yet fun.

And I am sure they never will, but my family put hours and hours into Nintendo Land. I think my son finished everything that could be done.

None of these need to huge releases, but especially for younger children these would be a blast.



Super mario galaxy 1&2 remastered with traditional controls. LoZ Skysward sword remastered with controls. Super paper mario Wii. I would actually love a super mario 3d collection
Dk return with controls

These I won’t buy but will be great for the new switch owners
Wii u. Super mario maker is a no brainer. Swap screens with a touch of a button example: zL to swap between screens.

Paper mario color splash was great and a good game.

NSMB COLLECTIONS would be great

Luigis mansion series.

Just gimme everything

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Wii Party U
Devil's Third (since Switch can run Unreal better than Wii U)
Xenoblade X

anything else, no thanks (atleast for me anyways). i can find Aaiibo Festival way cheaper on amazon now.

im creep out with thoese eyes... :P

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I'd like to see Tokyo Mirage Sessions get a second shot. After the rise in popularity SMT has received after Persona 5, I feel that a lot more people would be willing to give this a chance.



I could have sworn we had a thread for this already... Still...

Xenoblade X
Mario Maker
Zelda HD collection
NSMB - as a collection of the best levels from the series - more of a new game than a port
Those are the big ones for me.

Also from Wii I want to see a Mario Galaxy collection in HD.

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I’m desperately begging for a Wonderful 101 port

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@Hikingguy did you see that Go Vacation is coming out on Switch? I saw it posted by Nintendo on Facebook. July 27th. I never heard of the game and looked it up when I read your post. Then saw the video. So random I thought. Maybe your kids will get back into it. Here’s the video.



Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and Paper Mario: Color Splash
These two came too late in Wii U's lifecycle so I didn't get them - I was already saving money to get a Switch with Zelda. On Switch I would finally buy them.
It's somewhat disappointing that the only remakes and ports we get on Switch are games that I already have on Wii U.

Mass Effect 3 - Special Edition
Make that Trilogy this time and I buy it.

Deus Ex: Human Revoution - Director's Cut
Never got around buying it for Wii U, but always wanted to. I wouldn't pass a Switch edition.

And finally Xenoblade Chronicles X
I already have this game, but I love it so much that I would like to see more people getting into it.

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Definitely would be Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, as both of the FE and SMT fan, I hope Nintendo will give this niche game a second chance on Switch to prove itself.



I want a port of the original Mario Kart 8 (and not the awful "deluxe" edition that is already available on Switch).

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I am with darkfenrir, Spike6958 and SKTTR. Tokyo Mirage Session is what I'm interested in. I skip the game on WiiU cos I really didn't like/enjoy playing (any games) on WiiU. But I'm interested in Tokyo Mirage Session.
Probably The Wind Waker as well. My WiiU is The Wind Waker Ed. And I didn't finish the game.

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@redd214 : I like less content and mediocre multiplayer modes.

Nintendo is so out of touch with what the true fans want.

cue all-violin orchestra

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