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Afternoon folks,

Firstly apologies if there is a topic for this query, I did search but couldn't see any obvious matches.

My son has had a Nintendo switch with a variety of games for about a year. I've just purchased the new OLED model on pre order for my daughter arriving October time. I thought they would be able to put the games into each others devices but it looks as though that's not possible the only way is to share an account which defeats what I want to achieve where my daughter can play Animal Crossing with my son amongst other games, do I really need to buy two games for them to enjoy on their own devices, is there any work around here?

Thanks in advance.



@ddrreeaamm If they want to play the same game at the same time on two consoles, then you'll need to buy two games, one per console.(*consoles with wifi/internet turned on)

Physical games can be shared, but game will only work when inserted into the console. Only one console can play that game at a time.

If you keep the consoles offline, there is a way to share digital games, but it's an overly complicated headache with serious caveats that most parents with kids will not view as tenable. Switch ecosystem, by design, is supposed to be one game copy per console. Since this is the internet, I'm sure someone here will say you can share digital games, but statistically speaking, across all the threads on the issue, it's likely not an avenue you want to go down.

If you've seen the early Switch commercials, they show a person changing consoles from regular Switch (hooked up to a TV) to on-the-go with the Switch Lite, but that system is designed for only one console to play at a time.

If I've fudged any details, forgive me. If anyone else has something to add, feel free to chip in.

Here's a nintendolife guide that covers game sharing, has more detail, if you'd like to see it. Toward the end of the article see "How do I share my digital games between Switch consoles?"

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Have them battle for the right to have each game for a week.


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Thank you @WomyNNYes. That is a real shame but I get why from a Nintendo point of view. Would be awesome if that changed. My daughter has been banging on about playing Animal Crossing with her bro since he got the switch so I will have to buy another copy.

@Eel - Good idea..... I make them walk over a crocodile infested pit to earn their dinner each day so I could look at reopening my Rattlesnake rope swing section again for this....

Thank you for the replies



It's better to have each game for each system Physical or Digital. You can always find used game unless it's ACNH that might be something else. But if they want to do like SSB they each need their own game Physical/Digital to play. This is becoming the norm not the unusual for games now. This was made know since the launch of the Switch by Nintendo so this isn't new. Nintendo does have a FAQ if you need more help on such questions.

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Thank you @Magonigal and @SwitchForce. Shame for the wallet but understand now. Appreciate your detailed replies, what a great forum!



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