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I've decided to come up with a concept for how Tomodachi Life could work on the Nintendo Switch.

My ideas:

  • Keep all the content from the original game
  • More customizability for Miis
  • Bigger island
  • Adding some games from Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. (Baseball, Tennis, Swordfighting, etc.) (If they have a dog voucher they can play frisbee with their dog.) This could be accessed via a Park.
  • Add Relationship with other Mii feature. If you make two Miis that are related to each other than you can tell the game they're related.
  • Miis interact with their apartments
  • Able to upload all Miis from the 3DS game to the Switch
  • Miis can open up stores of their own, like the morning and evening market
  • When Miis go to space they can start a colony on the moon
  • Add a doctor's office
  • Add an option in customizer for sexuality, under this tab is all the sexualities in the LBGTQ+ acronym will be listed. Can be toggled in the town hall.

Thank you for reading. I'm open to suggestions!

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I really like this idea. It seems like it could headline a series of 3DS "Deluxe ports"

Also, a question: When you say "Miis starting their own shops", do you mean completely new buildings or markets similar to the ones already in the game?

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