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So after doing some thinking all of the NX rumors sound similar to the first Nintendo Fusion rumor which can be found here []
Remember now that was back next January 21st 2014 and Nintendo said they weren't working on a new console and then in 2015 this rumor about the NX popped up [ ]
And by then we knew nintendo was working on something called the NX. So what if the Nintendo Fusion is really the NX and Nintendo has been deluding us with the NX rumors so we would of long forgotten about Nintendo Fusion. It was just an interesting thought of mine.



NX is just a codename. We don't know the final name of the console yet. Dolphin was the codename for what would become the GameCube and Revolution was codename for the Wii.

Whatever name they decide on, Nintendo would sooner stick with NX than use a term as rudimentary and common as "Fusion". Nintendo needs a distinctive name that won't be so easily associated with anything else on the market (e.g. Wii, Amiibo, Miitomo etc.).

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Dude I know it's a code name and you totally didn't go to the links do don't bother commenting. I wasn't talking about the names but what the system actually is.



@sillygostly: I don't think the OP meant that NX will be called Fusion but that the original Nintendo Fusion rumours were to the point but that Nintendo decided to change the codename into NX to make sure the Fusion rumour would be forgotten.

This is obviously just a theory so its validity can only be commented by people in the know about what the NX is. It's possible but I wouldn't hold my breath until Nintendo announces details about the NX.

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