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I've been wondering about demand for something in the vein of Xbox Game Pass, but for Switch games. Think of it as an extension of Nintendo Switch Online: for $10 or $15 or $20 per month (take your pick as to which it would most likely be), or $100 or $150 or $200 per year (take your pick as to which it would most likely be), you'd get all the benefits of Nintendo Switch Online, plus access to Nintendo-published releases on the day of release. In addition, the entire Virtual Console back catalog would be added over time, and, if third-parties would agree to this, there'd be a large selection of third-party games available to play (perhaps even some Microsoft-owned content!) What do you think? Is this idea prosperous? Is it viable?

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Nintendo is very behind the curve in regards to online services.

It may be a decade before we see a Nintendo subscription service that compares to Xbox Game Pass.

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If I'm being honest, I'd pay more for that than the cost of Microsoft's service. I might even pay up to 20 in a good year for Nintendo.

Frankly the biggest problem most of these new streaming services have is that IMO most of their games aren't that interesting to me. Xbox Gamepass is probably the best option because it has 3rd party games on it, but Ubisoft's service sounds awful to me.

Nintendo is in a unique position of having both a back catalogue of amazing 1st party games that have aged well, and a continued output of great high profile 1st party games that they could really do well with one, even if it costs a little more.

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I don't want Game Pass.
I don't want digital download only games.
But if someone give me the games i like in physical, i will accept them.

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Nintendo is so behind and out of touch with online services that I wouldn't count on it or being decent even if they did. They had the right idea with NES Online, but have fumbled pretty badly with that and NSO lacks even basic funtions, so I think them going the next step is pretty well out of the question for now.
Personally, I'd love to see them strike a deal with the other services. Having a Stadia or xCloud app on Switch would be amazing.



I suspect that Nintendo would have put in more effort if 8 million or so users hadn't so readily thrown their money at Nintendo for a "service" which was mostly previously free for 13 years before they decided to monetise it.

People have voted with their wallets and have basically sent the message to Nintendo that their complacency is okay and that millions are prepared to pay for it.

I have taken advantage of the previous free trials, but I am yet to see any reason to cough up the goods for their "service". I would much rather manage my own save data, rather than being mollycoddled like some incapable moron (like what Microsoft have done with their extremely convoluted and dumbed-down operating systems of late, all in the name of "user-friendliness").

Likewise, it's not worth paying a subscription fee for NES games. I'd rather just pay for the games that I want and have a perpetual licence. If a broader library of games had been available, especially GB, GBC, and GBA games, then I would be very tempted, but I would still favour a premium physical compilation or eShop download instead in most instances.

And I certainly don't play online often enough for that to be an incentive either. And frankly, I find it insulting that they would demand money even for trading/battling Pokémon in Let's Go, which was as barebones (in terms of the online multiplayer component) as they come.

Nintendo will have to try a lot harder to convince me that the NSO is worth paying for, and until then, I'm content in sitting it out.

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I'd much rather purchase games I want individually and have the option to buy physical copies than to pay a lump sum for access to a bunch of games I might never play and will lose access to if I have to cancel that subscription.

But if they expanded NSO to have the whole VC library, I'd happily pay more per year to have access to it. I wouldn't expect the option to buy physical releases of retro games, but I still would prefer to buy them and have them on my Switch forever though.

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I have not bought a switch yet, even though I once had or still have all the previous consoles of Nintendo. However, I have been following the news about it, as a Nintendo fan. In the Wii era, the console was outputting SD instead of HD; In the Wii U era, there were still behind the curve in the online gaming services. They are still behind in some services with the Switch, but that is the way Nintendo is, even if we do not like it. I hope in the future, Nintendo as a company in on par or better than their rivals in their services. If they could get gamecube games (hd remaster or not) instead of the NES games on Switch, that would feel very good. OR if remastered gamecube games could be part of the switch game pass, then that would be good. I would like to play Pokemon XD gale of darkness. That is the one Pokemon I think that I did not play but read so much about when I was a kid.

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