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I was looking at the news area on the switch and watched the Pokémon let’s go video, but when the video ended, none of the buttons I was pressing were doing anything. I tried to put it to sleep mode, but it didn’t do anything. So I completely shut it down, and now it won’t turn on. Has anybody else experienced this? Does anybody know how to fix this? Thanks for your help.



Did that happen while in handheld or docked mode?
Does it have enough power / is it charging?



@Limited handheld. I’m sure it had enough battery because I had just taken it out of the dock and it said 99% battery.



Adnboi wrote:

@Limited handheld. I’m sure it had enough battery because I had just taken it out of the dock and it said 99% battery.

And how long did it stay at 99%? If it never goes past that it means the battery is dead basically and needs replacing.

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let it sit on your plug in charger (not the dock) for about five minutes, after, don't turn on or take the cord off, open the game cart port and remove the game....
does it turn on by itself ???
if not, try holding the power button down, not letting go, what happens ???

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@Adnboi I concur with @jhewitt3476, the basic checks you should always run are:

-Charge it for 5 minutes in handheld mode & then try to restart it.
-Press and hold the power button continuously (minimum of 60 seconds), this should reboot the console.
-Switch the game in the console & plug it back in the dock & check for the battery symbol.

I've had the odd scary moment where I thought the Switch wasn't going to turn on, but holding the power button down until it rebooted worked for me. I think it's an odd glitch in the firmware that Nintendo hasn't sorted out... think mine was after watching a video too.

Edit: As someone who's job includes problem solving hardware, I can't even begin to tell you how important feedback is - if you could let us know what those steps do it'd be really helpful. Also, have you used thirdparty docs at all?

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I found the trick to make it come back on!!!!!! My 7yr old son acted like he was gonna die when it didn't turn back on..... and after about 1,200 in games I was a little worried too...... but dude at gamestop saved the day! .... if you hold the power button down and slowly plug the charger in at the same time it should power up...... and it sat on the charger for over 24hrs the night before but when it did finally power on it was only at 20%...... but it did charge and held a charge after so I hope this helps some other parents out there!



@CrystalM123 That can get the job done. In doing that you actually did a hard reset (hold down power button down for 15 seconds) or reset the ac power adapter plug (unplug the ac power adapter for 30 seconds). If you get stuck again in the future, and game stop is closed, Nintendo's support page is a good resource to search to resolve issues like you ran into. Nintendo's customer support phone line is really good too - also chat messenger & email options.

The Console Has No Power, Has a Blank Screen, or Won't Wake Up From Sleep Mode
(hard reset + ac pwer adapter reset):

Console Cannot be Charged
(ac power adapter reset, if battery ran all the way down, switch may need 30+ minutes of charging before it can be powered on again)

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