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Has anyone sent there Switch back for a repair to Nintendo?

How much does it usually cost and what is the rough turnaround?



every corporation that actively fights our right to repair wants you to dispose of your broken product, and buy a new one

be prepared for a long inconvenient your senator about bipartisan right to repair legislation



@MichaelMcF In the US, early december I asked Nintendo support, via chat messenger, what the turn-around time was to replace joycon analog stick, and I think they said 2-3 weeks, and due to the pandemic, they can't guarantee anything specific. If your product is young, the repair may be free, so ask. I know you're talking about the console, and I'm talking about joycons, but the info may still be relevant.

If you're in the US, Estarland may be worth asking, they repair consoles. (Located in northern Virginia - DC suburbs).

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Thanks All.

I'm based in UK (Northern Ireland), so I believe that the Switch goes to somewhere in mainland UK to get fixed but hate sending it away without knowing a cost


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