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Basically i'm looking for suggestions of games outside of the most popular ones: overcooked,mario kart, smash, lovers in a dangerous spacetime..

It could be coop or vs, dosn't mind. Maybe some of you know about a hidden eshop gem that you really enjoyed playing with your boyfriend or girlfriend!

Appreciate the help, and sorry if my english is not perfect.




Hello, if there is a gap in gaming skill, I strongly suggest Super Mario Odyssey, more skilled gamer being cappy. It's really fun and can sway from chilled to intense!

Super Mario Party team is quite good too depending on the board. (fruit one is not good)

Is it just switch you're looking for?



@mrjelly hi!

Yes, i'm looking for switcy only, since it is the only system we own.

Super mario party is it fun for just two people? I always thought it was a "party" game in a sense that you need a party of people to play with haha. But if you say that are good boards just for two I might look into that!

About super mario odissey, i've played the game quite a lot on my own, and it kinda lost interest for me.. but if i've never played it before, we could have tried the coop way from the beggining with my girlfriend.




Yeah super mario party has a team mode, 2v2, and it is part of the main 'story' progress. 2 players v 2 CPUs can work. The Odyssey coop will work nicely if one of you is a bit of a noob! I've always wondered about snipper clips too but haven't tried it



Snipperclips is really fun to play - the more the merrier, but it works with two people as well. I can vouch for Super Mario Party, too. Super Kirby Clash if you want something to play in short bursts, extra points for being free - has microtransactions but doesn't make you feel forced to buy anything plus the game already drowns you in gem apples through normal play.

If there's a skill gap and assist roles like Odyssey's are of interest, there's Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee. It allows for a second player to join battles and help with catching Pokémon, though it makes battling even easier (could be fixed by using an underlevelled team if you want more of a challenge).

I found Hyrule Warriors very enjoyable in co-op, same with Portal Knights (think Minecraft but with actual furniture items, a story, quests, and separate areas instead of transitioning biomes). Haven't tried The Escapists 2 but it sounds wacky. Otherwise... I'm afraid I only have big titles around (Minecraft, Bomberman R, Mario Tennis Aces (let's you play against randoms online including competitive), Yoshi's Crafted World, Kirby Star Allies, ARMS, Stardew Valley...) so no hidden indie/third-party gem suggestions from me. Have a site which lists co-op games, maybe you can find something which piques your interest:

Here's hoping you'll find something good. Happy gaming, you two!

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@Grauz Super Mario Party, Arms and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe were the games that we had the most fun playing together.



Snipperclips. No contest.

Yoshis crafted world
Kirby star allies

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Another recommendation for Snipperclips here. Also consider Diablo III for that same-screen co-op demon-slaying goodness. Maybe Super Mario Party? Although that might result in an argument later on. :/

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Starlink has a good coop mode and is available very cheap. Could be a hit if it's your cup of tea.


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