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Has anyone come across an issue where you wake up the Switch, the screen comes on but nothing is displayed. Press and holding the power button shows the power options but they don't work. The only solution is to press and hold the power button until it powers off, then powering back on. Had to do it about 4 times now....


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Sounds like your console has partially frozen. If it starts happening often then I’d contact Nintendo and see what they say.

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Have you tried docking it when this happens? I've never had this problem, but I've read that for certain issues, simply docking it (or undocking it, if it's docked) can clear it up. Otherwise, I'd suggest going through Nintendo's troubleshooting instructions:

But if you have this problem frequently, there could be something wrong with your system and you should probably contact Nintendo.



It happened to me once yesterday, but that was the first time, and it fixed itself as soon as I restarted the console. If it happens to me again I will for sure contact Nintendo and hear what they say.

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