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Hello all,

My 6 year old has just won the Final Battle in Super Mario U Deluxe (actually several times now) I am reaching out for help because when he clears the Final Boss the Princess comes to meet Luigi. Nevertheless instead of getting the Cloud, the white castle and the boat sequence, the game puts Luigi back on the door for the Final Battle and we cannot break this loop. Any tip / explanation how we can overcome this? Many Thanks



I'm not completely sure, but as you've mentioned Luigi, I'm guessing your son/daughter used Luigi's Super Guide for that level? I've played the original on Wii U, and I know you can't play as Luigi solo in that game, so that's the only way he'll appear in single-player.

With that said, I recall he/she should still be able to break the loop either by taking control of Luigi (from the pause menu, I believe) during Super Guide, or beating the level without the guide enabled (i.e. as Mario). Other than that, I don't know.

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