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I want to order SSBU physically through Amazon to get the discount of 20% (and I mostly buy physical). I have an Amazon account with a
month trial of Prime waiting to be used so I could get the discount without paying for prime, which would cost as much as the 20% discount. I'm worried that it will sell out before November 7 so I won't get the discount or possibly the physical game, so any thoughts? Did pre orders for previous SSB games sell out?

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Just so you know it launches Dec. 7, not Nov.

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@MasterJay I think he is saying November 7th because he has a one month trial of prime. Basically start his trial on November 7th and it will last until December 7th so he can take advantage of savings and order the earliest date possible.



Pre order as soon as you can and you won’t have a problem , it won’t sell out in August

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