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Has anyone else tried this game? It is so frigging glitchy. I mean, NOTHING works. It wasn't a cheap eShop purchase, either. I'm pretty disgusted with it. The controls are all over the place, the menus are non-existent, you cannot get to the promised story line, etc. I strongly advise NOT purchasing/downloading this game.



@Skottydawg I mean it was like 8 smacker's, look cheap just by the price alone.

A sky with stars so bright the colors feel so right I nev, Uh I mean. I'm a Among us plus sonic fan. I have also been playing a unheathy amount of MHR (Don't try to stop me)


Hello, I'm the developer of this game. I appreciate the feedback. We are working hard on an update patch to fix some glitches and bring in more content to the game. I understand the game may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I do intend to work hard to keep improving the game. If you'd like to send us a direct message on our social media to let us know exactly which problems you experienced, we will absolutely work on addressing those issues and improving the game. In terms of the story of the game, players are able to unlock more of the story by replying to certain text messages in the game. In general, just try to answer all of the messages to unlock more of the story events. Even if you aren't interested in reaching out to let us know exactly what you disliked about the game, we greatly appreciate you playing the game. All the best, Jerrel.



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