Topic: Should Fire Emblem Awakening & Fates get a Switch version?

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I know that there is a new Fire Emblem game in development for Nintendo Switch. However, both Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates have made quite an impact on the series, and will likely have a lasting legacy. So after they're finished making the new FE, what if those two got enhanced ports for Switch, with enhanced 3D graphics?

It will definately take some big adjustments to the UI to work on a single screen, but there must be a way.

The 3D graphics should be remastered if they do this... Given how they look on 3DS, and how much better they can look on Switch. They should still use the same 2D drawings and pre-rendered cutscenes, but at a higher resolution. This would make the Switch versions a better experience than they were on 3DS.

Full disclosure: I have not played either of these games myself. The only FE I have played is Fire Emblem Heroes for Android. It is a very good game by mobile standards, and a decent game in general. But I'm beginning to get annoyed by the Gacha system, and feel like I need to upgrade to a real FE game. I have looked at some videos of Awakening & Fates to see what they're like.

The promotional drawings for the 3DS FE games are very pretty, and makes me more interested in them. But then I know that if I played the actual game, I won't get to see the full detail with the lame screen resolution on the 3DS. I would prefer to play on Switch so that I can better appreciate the art.

For Fates, it should be the Revelations version on the Switch, as this is the most deluxe version as I understand. Nintendo doesn't isn't doing straight ports of Wii U games, only enhanced ones, and that might also apply to 3DS.

For both games, some people have commented that the story could have used more work. In that case, they should make the right changes for a Switch version.

EDIT: Note that this is NOT about whether they should make it NOW, or as soon as possible. This is about whether it should happen "some time" in the Switches lifespan, but preferably not close to the end.

For those saying they should "remake" an older FE game instead, understand that a full-on "remake" of an old game in they style of Echoes: Shadows of Valentia would be a "big project", as expensive as an original game. A remastered port of a recent game would be much cheaper.

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Any ports to the Switch would keep the "censorship", which was basically cutting out that rubbing mini game in Fates which was creepy even by Japan's standards.

As for the question, I don't think so. I'd prefer that IS dedicated themselves fully to developing the next Fire Emblem. If they port something, hopefully it will be the Japan exclusive games, like Genealogy of the Holy War in a Echoes style remake.

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I mean, we're getting a new Fire Emblem for Switch next year- if they also wanted to port a 3DS entry... I'd be good with that.

As good as Awakening was though, not sure if I'd want to play it again. Same for Echoes, just because I played it so recently. Fates, on the other hand, would be a prime candidate. They could put all 3 paths on a single cartridge, improve the visuals and give an HD makeover, and include all the DLC (which was incredible content btw). I'd be game for that. Despite its story and character dialog being off kilter, everything else was mint. I'd scoop that up in a heartbeat! Well, I'd scoop anything FE related up in a heartbeat, but a Fates port would be legit.

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JaxonH wrote:

Fates, on the other hand, would be a prime candidate. They could put all 3 paths on a single cartridge, improve the visuals and give an HD makeover, and include all the DLC (which was incredible content btw). I'd be game for that.

This is how I feel. Out of the 3DS FE games, Fates makes the most sense to get a Switch re-release, assuming they do it right.

As for non-3DS ones, I'd be down for a "Fire Emblem Echoes: The Binding Blade" on Switch.

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I actually don't. I feel we're getting close to overexposing Fire Emblem already. I'd wait a while before re-releasing newer FE games.

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I must clarify; I never suggested that they should "start tomorrow" on this idea I'm proposing. More likely after they finish the FE game currently in development. But that's besides the point.

Luna_110 wrote:

If they port something, hopefully it will be the Japan exclusive games, like Genealogy of the Holy War in a Echoes style remake.

A remake and a port are different things, although sometimes it's a mix between the two.
If you're talking about "porting" an old game, then it would end up being the same as the original, but playable on a new system. That's basically what you would get playing it on virtual console; perhaps with lower power consumption.
A remake (in the pure sense) is where almost every if not every part of it is recreated from the ground up. While using the original game as a design reference, it's pretty much developed as if it were a totally new game. Remakes tend to cost more.

The idea I'm talking about is closer to a port than a remake; perhaps you can say "remaster". They wouldn't have to change much; just adapt the user interface to work on a single screen, and make higher poly versions of the 3D models (which would likely be the most expensive part). There's still much that can be left intact.

On the other hand, if you're talking about remaking one of the old (NES, SNES, GBA, DS) FE games being remade in the way of Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, then it would be a "big project" for the devs; almost as expensive as a totally new game.

All that being said, maybe they will do a full-on remake of one of the old FE games sometime. I never played them, know little about them, but characters like Marth and Ike remain as icons of the series. I'm not against it.

@JaxonH Really? I thought most people liked Awakening more. But Nintendo only wants to do enhanced ports, not straight ports, and I suppose that Fates has more room for enhancement AFIK.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I understand, FE Fates: Revelation is an expansion to Conquest and Birthright that extends the story of the first two, and gives you the characters from both kingdoms. Right? The Nohrian characters appeal to me more, but I read that Conquest is more difficult and veteran-oriented than Birthright.



Too many ports are never a good thing. New games are the real deal.
Besides, when it comes to fates and awakening, they were released on a console with a huge install base and sold pretty well I think. Re-releasing them on switch probably wont have that impact as most fans have already played them to death.



None of them would appeal to me much. Awakening was a fantastic game, but I've put almost 180 hours into it already. Fates didn't grab me nearly the same way, and I think I stopped playing it at around 40 hours (Birthright version). I haven't picked Echoes up yet because I've been busy with Switch games. And there is already an FE Switch game in development.

More than one would be overkill, in my opinion, and there is a real danger of FE burnout if they produce too many of them, especially remakes of recent games.

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I'd say no for both, the new Fire Emblem will likely be in the same style as Awakening and Fates so if there's a Switch version for any past Fire Emblem game it should be either an Echoes style remake for Binding Blade or a Tellius remaster collection especially as the mass popularity of mini retro consoles probably means VC on Switch is a dead concept.


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I wouldn't really see the point. They're very recent and it's not as if they were released on a console where they never had a proper chance (not that that normally stops lazy porting). Plus I'd say Nintendo is already in danger of milking Fire Emblem back to its pre-Awakening life-support days if they're not careful anyway.

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Considering how easily available they are, how recently they were released, and how well they already sold, no. Plus, they're not all that good as FE titles, especially Fates.


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If they used the engine for the new switch entry to rebuild the game sure...straight port...please no. It will look horrible on the Switch screen.

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@brickofthewild How can "too many ports" be a bad thing? I mean, as long as they're good enough that people won't regret buying them. Having them ported just means that more people get to play them. Also, games are often judged by their "best version". People who have both systems but aren't buying the game until now (like me) would want to get the best version.
I see how "New games" are the real deal for people who have already played every game ever made. But many people, especially outside forums like this, don't have infinite time and money to spend on games (including me). For the modest amount of time and money I spend on games, quality over quantity for me.

JasmineDragon wrote:

...there is a real danger of FE burnout if they produce too many of them, especially remakes of recent games.

Actually, I think that too many original games causes more FE burnout. For someone new to Fire Emblem, too many originals makes it hard to pick the right one. But if there are ports on multiple platforms that they have (like 3DS and Switch), then they will only consider the best version of each.




Of course, each coin has two sides. My side of the coin is that I already own those games. Right, people tend to buy the best version of the game but I wouldnt want to buy those game again if though I would want to own the best version. Thats just my selfish opinion



@brickofthewild They should have an upgrade deal. But then, they didn't do that for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

But even without an upgrade deal: It's just an option. You don't need to rebuy it if you don't want to. So what issue would you have with it being available as an option? Is it that you would be jealous of new players? If that is the case, then you're opinion is one that I can't respect.

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Certainly not about jealousy!
It's more about the inner struggle to buy it again just to have the better version.
You know, I did that with twilight princess for wii u and might do that for radiant historia and most certainly superstar saga. So if they don't release an upgraded version I won't have to go through that.



If the titles had been unlocalised or released in limited quantities or on a console with little exposure; then perhaps. But these were on the 3DS and whilst the special editions were notorious to get a hold of, not so much the games. These titles are fine where they are and there's no need to use up limited resources to move them over to another platform when there is little that can be added to them apart from a shinier coat of paint.

In short, No; there are plenty of other games likely to gain more out of a remastering although I'd prefer resources be funnelled towards new games.



Please no, as someone that used to like the FE series, it definetly died for me with Awakening. I just hope the new Switch game brings it back to what i used to like about it. Sadly i can't say exactly what made me not like Awakening, but i just can't play more than an hour or so before im just bored. The hightlight games for me was the GBA games and Path of Radiance.

I'd rather they give us a new Advance Wars game instead.

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I don't mind remakes like Twighlight Princess and I'm excited for Shadow of Collosus which is coming out. And for some games a remake is good as they may have missed it first time around. I agree with @Arngrim remakes of the GBA FE games would be pretty sweet.

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Ryu_Niiyama wrote:

If they used the engine for the new switch entry to rebuild the game sure...straight port...please no. It will look horrible on the Switch screen.

Yep, just looking up youtube emulator videos it shows how much this game was not designed to be HD at all. Character models look good, but for a 3DS game only. Visible lack of fingers and feet would require every model to be remade. Same goes for spells, which are 2D textures stacked on top of each other.
When the Switch game is done, some other company could do the pot, but IS should focus on the new entry and then do Advance Wars or something.



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